Coronavirus: All you need to know about the outbreak

Novel Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus is a zoonotic disease that was initially identified in China in a city called Wu-Hon. This is a new virus that had not been detected in humans until 2019 December. The virus was reported to be first identified in a group of patients who suffered from Pneumonia. Chinese authorities recognized the unusual activity through their surveillance systems. People who were infected with Coronavirus had developed multiple respiratory diseases. The symptoms depend on mild virus infection to worst-case scenarios.

Coronavirus outbreak symptoms have Mild symptoms that include running nose, sneeze, coughs, fever, etc. Advanced symptoms include breathlessness and pneumonia. It does not mean that everybody who has developed the symptoms is likely to die. They still have chances of survival if detected at an early stage. At the brink of becoming a pandemic, we give you the essential information to keep yourself safe.

How does the coronavirus spread?

This is an airborne, waterborne disease. Anybody who gets in contact with a person suffering from Coronavirus is likely to develop the infection. The small droplets from your running nose on a tissue paper collected by the garbage person can be a chance to infection.  If you have jobs that require traveling in crowded commutes, an infected person’s sneeze could cause coronavirus. You have to be in close proximity to the infected person in order to receive the infection. Coronavirus outbreak symptoms were first seen as two types of transmission; one is through animal to human and second is between people in close contact.

Can the coronavirus be spread from an asymptomatic person?

Yes, it can be. A person, who seems fine on the outside and not showing any symptoms, could still be carrying and transmitting the virus. For the previous coronaviruses, the World Health Organization has had such cases reported. The number is very limited though. But we cannot limit the cases that even if a person does not show any symptoms like runny nose, fever, consistent cold, sneezing, etc. that one might not be a potential transmitter. WHO recommends, one practice good hand hygiene, and if one is not feeling well it is good to stay at home itself and not transmit the diseases further.

What can one do to avoid coronavirus outbreak symptoms?

If you are feeling unwell it is best advised to stay back at home. Doctors are suggesting that they drink water and have their throat always wet and not dry. Practice good hygiene and sanitize the apartment as much as possible. Please note that when you want to sneeze, do so onto your elbow and not into the thin air or on to somebody else’s face. Using tissue and throw it right away or burn it. Hygiene is the most important aspect to note. Now if one has fever, cough or difficulty breathing, it is best to seek healthcare. It is important to also know where the virus is circulating and avoiding a trip to that area.

As of now, the coronavirus outbreak has happened in different parts of China and people who have traveled to other countries from China are more likely to be transmitters. Coronavirus has spread to other countries as of now. With many cases reported in different countries and even though it is small and that we assume these patients have been isolated. it is also more likely that the family members who have been in touch with these patients, as well as the people who traveled alongside the patient, could be infected.

Is there any treatment for coronavirus as of now?

Since this is a new virus we do not have a specific treatment for this virus. Because this disease causes respiratory illness, doctors treat those symptoms first while keeping the patient stable. It's also a deterrent that antibiotics will not work against the virus. Currently, a lot of research is going into treating and preventing the novel coronavirus.

Scientists hope that the course they tried for other coronaviruses might work for the novel coronavirus as well. As of now in Saudi Arabia, they are researching the Merc coronavirus and trying therapeutics to help get the virus cured. The entire global community is working together to get a clinical trial done on these viruses.

How can one distinguish between normal flu and coronavirus flu?

This is quite crucial and a great way to tell people to stop worrying and that flu you have could be just the flu. Once you consult a doctor, they will conduct a saliva test or a respiratory swab or conduct a PCR test and identify if it is, in fact, the flu, coronavirus or something else. Also, this is flu season so many people could also be suffering from the normal flu. It is always good to get a test done to identify. Wear a mask wherever you need to travel because any kind of virus could spread. There are vaccines in development.

Over the last several years scientists have been trying to investigate and make vaccines for other coronavirus prevention. The World Health Organization is hoping that this could be useful once the vaccine is developed for the novel coronavirus prevention. The Coronavirus stays for very fewer hours on a surface so in case you need to receive a package from abroad let us say China, you are not at risk of procuring the disease. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or do an alcohol rub because we tend to touch our body and face multiple times a day.

Also do note that the virus is only associated with the areas and not to the people from that country living in different parts of the world. It is also good to be aware of health factors like hand hygiene when you are walking in areas that could be prone to such diseases.

Is the virus mutating?

Scientists across the globe are researching this now. They are looking for all of these aspects. As of now, no proof is there on a mutation of viruses. The most important place in a city is the emergency department. So make sure that health care people are reinforced on how to be with patients with the right masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and more. It should be a trained protocol.

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The Four Ds to Plan Your New Year Resolutions 2020 (with ideas)

new year resolutions 2020

4 ds to plan new year resolutions 2020

Four D's to plan New Year resolutions 2020

New Year is around the corner and we can’t wait to welcome 2020 into our lives. Only things that still bother us are pending or ignored New Year’s resolutions of the yesteryears. True, not everything works according to our plan as life can take a route of its own. But what makes the difference can be the thorough planning of your new year resolutions. Worry not, this year we have an amazing guide for you to make this happen. Because all it takes is commitment and courage, as the rest will fall into place.

The Four D's that we are about to lay down here comes from years of missed resolutions and broken commitments. We had to find a way to stick to the plan, without too much stress. This made us realize that it was not the resolution but the plan that I had to work on. The four D's are distraction, decision, discipline, and devotion. These are what will help you devise the perfect set of resolutions to become the best you. We have also attached a few New Year Resolution Ideas to better explain each element.

Becoming S.M.A.R.T

First off, let’s understand why we miss out on targets or entirely skip promises made to ourselves. The major factor here is accountability. You can become accountable to someone with a higher power like a boss or a parent. But, you can easily convince yourself to bring your guard down when dealing and there arises the problem. The best way to make sure you stay accountable is to follow the S.M.A.R.T guidelines when creating resolutions.

See that all your resolution follows these easy guidelines:

S for Specific- Make sure all your goals are clearly defined so as to get a proper understanding of the task at hand

M for Measurable – Try to quantify your resolution to help you keep track of your progress

A for Attainable – Choose goals that are in your realm of possibility for attaining, but are challenging enough.

R for Relevant – The chosen personal goal should be relevant to you and should somehow make your life a little better

T for Time-Sensitive – The goal should be outlined by a time frame for execution so that there are enough urgency and motivation guiding you.

Now you have an idea how to craft each of your New Year’s resolutions in a better and efficient manner. Next, we find on what basis you have to create your goals and resolutions based on priority and importance. There are four levels in this process that is divided into four Ds. Here are the four Ds to base your New Year’s resolutions on:

#D1 – Distraction

Distractions are a major part of our lives and something that we want to minimize as much as possible. The beginning of a New Year is a perfect opportunity to work on your attention. The more you are distracted, the more you are directionless and take you away from your goals. Here are 3 ideas that you can implement with ease

  •         Get organized: Nothing like keeping things organized. When you make sure you are organized, you work less, plan more and execute daily. Keep yourself organized is easy tasks that you can kick start your New Year and reduce distractions.
  •         Limiting Social Media: There is no escaping Social Media as platforms help us communicate and keep in touch. But, too much can become an addiction that can lead to less life satisfaction and other problems. Make it a goal to reduce the usage of Social Media. If you constantly scroll your feed, this will work wonders in your life.
  •         Try new things: We are creatures of habits and habits that can lead to boredom. Life is full of new things to try if you allow yourself. Make it a point to try something new, travel somewhere or even pick up a new habit. This will make you more involved and more satisfied in the long run.

#D2 - Decision

Decisions are the type of goals that you need more time and constant motivation to achieve. These could be things that you may have tried but failed in the past. This New Year resolution gives you the perfect excuse to tackle them again. With the S.M.A.R.T framework, you can work towards many fulfilling decisions. Some decision ideas are:

  •         Lose weight: Losing weight is something many adults constantly battle with. Some people have been on a lifelong weight loss journey but never reach it. Use this opportunity to make a decisive goal to lose weight starting with small changes like eating healthy and hitting the gym.
  •         Be more social: This is another part of our lives we may underachieve. It is called Networking in professional circles. Basically, we can meet and expand our circle of friends and get acquainted with people that can help us in the long run. So make it a point to meet more people as often.
  •         Read Books: The one habit that is quickly becoming extinct is reading. With so much content online and social media, it becomes a task for anyone to spend some quality time with a book. Books are still valuable and can give you a lot of insights and entertainment. Try to set goals on books to read for the year and achieve them.

#D3 – Discipline

Discipline can be anything that you need to impart on a regular basis to make your life a little better. These require constant motivation and daily review. You implement discipline into the smallest of your daily tasks to improve your life. Some of the ideas for Discipline are:

  •         Bike to work: Biking to work is an amazing way to get some cardio while commuting to your office. This can give you lots of energy and a positive outlook on your day. It also helps you save on fuel and reduce the carbon footprint if you’re into those sorts of things!
  •         Focus on one task at a time: Focus helps us guide our attention. So much information and tasks are bombarding every minute that it makes it harder to focus. This year make sure to become more productive by focusing on one task at a time. This will help raise your productivity and declutter any mess.
  •         Constant Review of goals: This is an important part of the whole exercise. You can only know how much your New Year resolutions are on track with constant review of your goals. Set time apart to sit down and see where you are on each front. This can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly (3 months).

#D4 – Devotion

Devotion is the long term goal that you would want to adopt into your life. This can bring about a shift in attitude, wellness and also give you a new perspective on life as a whole. This final D is the hardest to measure as some of it cannot be quantified like mindfulness. But it is important to have a holistic approach while setting goals such as New Year's Resolutions. Here are some ideas that you can consider:

  •         Find your passion: Finding your passion can be a lifelong journey or a short one. The moment you enjoy what you are doing and are unaware of the time spent is a step in the right direction. Finding your passion is crucial as it is one of the goals of human existence. So take those baby steps to analyze yourself and zero in your passions.
  •         Spend money wisely: Money is a subjective matter and can differ from person to person. But spending too much will not only deplete you of your savings but demoralize you. Avoid this and start making your money work for you. Start investing in things like the stock market, real estate and other forms of assets that can increase by time. Savings also helps you in times of emergencies.
  •         Value your time: The one thing that doesn’t come back in this life is time spent. Understand that each moment is precious. So, getting the maximum out of your time should be a major goal. Be aware of who you give your time, spend it on things you love and cherish and enjoy it as once you spend you may never get it back.

These are the four D’s and how you can use it to zero in on your New Year Resolutions in 2019. By applying the tactics of S.M.A.R.T goals you can now also track and evaluate them efficiently. We hope you have an amazing 2020 meeting all your goals and setting new ones. Don’t worry if you don’t get everything the first time as it is a trial and error process that only gets better by the years.


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10 Best Family Christmas Movies to Watch 2019

10 Best Family Christmas Movies to Watch 2019

10 Best Family Christmas Movies to Watch 2019

Top ten best family Christmas movies to watch in 2019

Christmas is the time of the year when we rewind, reflect and enjoy the celebrations with our family. It is a time of togetherness, warmth and amazing festivities all packed into a few amazing days. Traditionally, families get together and exchange wishes, gifts and enjoy a pleasant feast all at the time of Christmas. But what rings a bell and gives you the everlasting memories are the time spent with family. Catching up to a fantastic movie with your family can not only help you connect but give you forever memories of the time spent together.

This Christmas we have compiled a list of the top 10 Best Family Christmas Movies to watch in 2019. These recommendations include old as well as the latest movies giving you a palette of options. The list consists of movies from a variety of genres including comedy, action, romantic and more to watch on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

So, sit back and relax with our list of year-end top 10 family Christmas movies:

1. Home Alone

Home Alone

Home Alone

Well, isn’t it every child’s dream to be home alone, away from all the responsibilities and the radar of the parents. Imagine all the fun things you can conjure up, well, this is what happens in Home Alone. Kevin has accidentally been left home alone and has the whole house to himself. This quirky comedy is an entertainer with many plot twists and funny accidents. This is a must-watch for children and adults alike. I remember watching and taking notes as a child and it is one of the highly recommended Christmas movies to watch in 2019.

2. Bad Santa

Bad Santa Movie

Bad Santa Movie [Source: Wikipedia]

Bad Santa is a relatively old movie released in 2003, but as they say ‘old is gold’.  We follow a man whose main gig is to dress up as Santa for Christmas and entertain children. But, Santa has another side where he is always drunk and irresponsible. This funny and witty tale will give you a few laughs and make it your time worth. As Christmas time approaches Bad Santa and his friend decides to rob a bank, what could go wrong? 

3. Elf

Elf Movie

Elf Movie [Source: Wikipedia]

Dive into the magical world of Santa Claus and elves with the movie Elf. The extremely funny Will Ferrell is starring in this epic comedy where he discovers his connection to the world as an Elfs. Follow him as he realizes that he is not an elf but a human. He sets off to New York to find his true biological father along with many adventures that follow. Check out this movie with your friends and family as a perfect watch for a Christmas afternoon.

4. Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi follows Alia Bhatt as Kaira as she goes through the ups and downs of life. She is joined by Shah Rukh Khan, Ali Zafar and more as it promises to be a light-hearted movie made in the backdrop of Goa. Perfect for a family binge, this movie touches all the emotional strings and will make you nostalgic with flawless acting and amazing location portrayed in the movie.

5. Frozen 2

Frozen Movie

Frozen Movie [Source:]

One of the most anticipated Christmas movies of 2019 is Frozen 2. The movie portrays Elsa, the snow queen who is dissatisfied despite having the ability to make snow and ice. Following a voice, she heads out into the forest and finds herself in the middle of an amazing adventure. It is a perfect family movie that can give you long-lasting memories and throwbacks. Get amazing discounts with Bookmyshow by applying the coupon, click here.

6. Barfi

Barfi Movie

Barfi Movie

Barfi is an award-winning movie starring Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor in the leading role. This offbeat flick is sure to give you all the good vibes and lead you to some introspection too. Watch this movie with your friends and family and reminisce about the joy, togetherness, wonder, and warmth for the times to come.

7. A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Movie

A Christmas Carol Movie

This is an animated tale of the famous story of Ebenezer Scrooge and the three spirits of Christmas past. Relive the amazing story and delight the younger ones with this age-old tale well made and directed. You can never go wrong with Jim Carrey in the leading role. The amazing animation and graphics have set benchmarks in the industry and guarantee you a delightful experience.

8. Die Hard

Die Hard Movie

Die Hard Movie

Die-hard is not a hardcore Christmas movie, but it is perfect for a mega Christmas entertainer. Set on Christmas eve the movie stars Bruce Willis marking the inception of this famous franchise. In town to spend the holiday with wife, he quickly learns his wife is in a hostage situation in a building. The movie is a sure shot entertainer for families, friends and also dies hard action fans.

9. The Polar Express

The Polar Express

The Polar Express

The Polar Express is a light-hearted comedy and an adventure with Tom Hanks in the leading role. The story follows a young boy on a train to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. During the ride, he meets fascinating people that make his Christmas the best in his life. Chill and relax with your family as you ride The Polar Express on this exciting adventure.

10. Jumanji

Jumanji Movie

Jumanji Movie

The Next Level – This is one of the most anticipated movies of this year starring Rock, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and more. It is an action-adventure and comedy movie that is the sequel to the hit movie Jumanji. As the rules of Jumanji are changing it is up to the heroes to help and bring things back to normal. Catch this movie in theatres this December and get amazing discounts on Bookmyshow tickets, click here. 


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10 Perfect Cakes to Celebrate a Grand Christmas 2019

Perfect cakes to celebrate Christmas 2019

Perfect cakes to celebrate Christmas 2019

Christmas is around the corner and it is that time of the year when families come together and celebrate. Families are involved in many group activities such as decoration, having amazing meals, enjoying fun games. One thing that stands out every year is the Christmas cake that will make everyone ready to take a bite. Mostly cakes are bought but some adventurous few ventures out to make their own. Christmas cake represents the festive mood of the season and there is a type of cake for everyone. Well, this year we compile 11 must-have cakes for a grand Christmas. Let’s have the cake and eat it, too!

Celebrate Christmas with an amazing cake

Cakes are an integral part of Christmas celebrations and there is no alternative to the joy it brings. Shared and loved by everyone, you can be surprised by the sheer variety of cakes available in the markets. From the original medieval Plum pudding to the latest ice cream cakes, you can indulge in so many types of cakes. There are also many themed cakes that you can purchase such as Christmas tree cake, Santa Claus cake, Snowman cake, Christmas themed cake and more.

You can also try a hand at baking a cake at home. This would require all the ingredients to be collected and prepared. Baking a cake for Christmas can be a fun activity as a family or with friends. But, for those of us looking to relax, rewind and connect, purchasing a cake can be a safe bet. Since abundant choices were available, here are the top 11 cakes that made our list of the perfect cakes to celebrate a grand Christmas.

Here are the top Christmas cakes:

1. Traditional Christmas fruit cake

Traditional Christmas Cake

Traditional Christmas Cake

The traditional Christmas fruit cake is one of the best and the most authentic Christmas cakes that you can buy. Made with dried fruits, mixed peels, nutmeg, nuts, and more this blends into your Christmas menu in no time. Made traditionally with brandy and port, this gives a strong aroma as well as a rich taste once it’s prepared. The cake can be served to a group of people and is quite lip-smacking in taste. You can either buy it or get creative and make it yourself with the recipe here.

2. Kerala plum cake

Kerala plum cake

Kerala plum cake

Kerala plum cake is known for its sensual aroma and essence of rich taste that has become synonymous with Christmas. Christmas is a major occasion in Kerala and nothing brings back amazing memories such as the Kerala plum cake. Filled with fruits and matured with time, it is essentially one of the best cakes you can have at Christmas. The cake is not made from soaking dry fruits and it is also alcohol-free, making it edible to everyone. You can find the recipe for the cake here and you can easily buy it online at a discount here.

3. Dry cake with dates and walnuts

Dry Cake with Dates and Walnuts

Dry Cake with Dates and Walnuts

The dry cake with dates and Walnuts is one of the foodies’ favorite this year. The primary ingredients in the cake that defines it is the dates and walnuts that give it a strong and rich flavor. This internationally acclaimed cake is eggless and dry in nature. Easily serves 6 people this would become the center of conversation this Christmas with your friends and family. If you have dates and walnuts lying around the house, put on that apron and get to work with this recipe. For the less initiated, you can purchase this with all its goodness from here.

4. Choco marble dry cake

Choco Marble Dry Cake

Choco Marble Dry Cake

This is one of the reasons we love Christmas so much, the Choco Marble Dry Cake make it so memorable. Equipped with a psychedelic finish, or with just vanilla and chocolate this signifies a visual and delicious treat. This cake is eggless and dry is round in shape and can serve up to 6 people making it perfect for Christmas gift or for a celebration. This Choco Marble cake can be made with the help of this recipe or bought directly from here.

5. Mixed fruit dry cake

Mixed Fruit Dry Cake

Mixed Fruit Dry Cake

This one is perfect for both adults as well as children as it has an attractive taste. This fruitcake, which is technically far from a fruitcake as it uses dried fruits. Ingredients include strawberries, cranberries, cherries, blueberries guaranteed to give you delightful flavor in every bite. This cake can serve at least 6 people and give you an amazing alternative to traditional fruit cakes. Prepare this special with the exclusive recipe and purchase it at amazing discounts from here.

6. Dark chocolate cake

Dark Chocolate cake

Dark Chocolate cake

This cake is the favorite of all chocolate-loving fans. This infuses dark rich chocolate combined with the softness of the cake to bring you an unmatched experience. Layered with cream and dark chocolate this would become a life-defining experience for anybody who tries it. The cake surprises us with its uniqueness and strength. You can try a hand at creating this piece of food art with the recipe here or you can get it ordered directly to your home by clicking here.

7. Plum cake with cashews

Plum cake with cashews is one cake you should not miss. At Christmas, it makes all the more sense to celebrate with this cake. This unique cake combines the goodness and the taste of plum cake with cashews to give you that knockout combination. You can serve up to 6 people with this cake. This eggless and dry cake is meant to be stored at room temperature. Order this wonder of a cake directly from here and get it delivered to your home.

8. Healthy gluten-free walnut dry cake

Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake

Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake

Gluten-free is one of the major reasons we are in love with this cake. With accurate taste, amazing consistency and flavor in every bite, we highly recommend this cake. Being gluten-free and eggless it is able to be served up to 6 people. The walnuts present in the cake bring out a unique flavor that is both fresh and rich. You can buy this cake directly from ferns and petals and avail amazing discounts here.

9. New York cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

The New York cheesecake is made from the finest ingredients that are available. Deliciously rich, creamy and made from cheese this cake is the true meaning of culinary perfection. Every bite will give you that divine experience that you had been searching for. Serving 6, you can order this delicious cake by clicking here. For the brave chefs who want to try this at home, follow this recipe.

10. Tiramisu cake

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

This cream cake is not technically a cake but a dessert. Made entirely of cream it can serve around 4 to 6 people. This is an Italian dessert which is a combination of espresso and cream. You can purchase this online and get it to send it to your home by clicking here.


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Top 10 grooming products for men 2019

grooming products for men 2019

Top 10 grooming products for men in 2019


Trending products for men in India to look impeccably groomed

We live in a culture where your first impression is the best. As we meet and connect with various people in many walks of life keeping yourself well maintained is very essential. The topic of Men’s grooming is a recent one with many new products created solely for Men. As the billion-dollar personal grooming industry is ever-expanding, men have more choices to attain the look that they are after. Being sharp and leaving an impression is much easier with our preferred products that all men must have in their arsenal. Some of these items include cleansers, razors, deodorants, creams and more. Here is the exclusive countdown of the best grooming products an Indian man should have:

1. Old Spice aftershave lotion

OldSpice aftershave lotion

Image Source: Amazon

When it comes to aftershave lotion no brand rings a bell-like Old Spice. Blended with a strong musk pungent smell that is instantly recognizable and very popular. The market for aftershave lotion is very crowded but Old Spice carves a big pie. It signifies a powerful and sophisticated man with an eye towards the finer things in life. It also protects against minor cuts, itchiness, and dryness of the skin which is very crucial after a shave. Switch to Old Spice and feel the difference. Purchase Old Spice from Amazon with discounted price

2. Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant

Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant

Image source: Flipkart

There are few brands out there that are of the same worldwide repute as Nivea. It gives you the guarantee that all of their products come with quality. The Nivea fresh active deodorant is primarily for the active man who wants to insulate himself from sweat and its aftereffects. The deodorant does an excellent job of keeping you fresh all day while giving you a tangy and sporty aroma. It also guarantees long-lasting effects such as 48-hours protection which means it will last long all through your stint. The product is dermatologically tested and proven to apply to any skin type. Be the man who makes tense situations look easy with the Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant. Click here to get the best deal

3. Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax (Matte)

Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax

Image source: Ustraa

There is nothing like a good hair day. Our hair and it’s up keeping represents a major part of hair care and personal grooming. But many men struggle to keep an identity with their hair and some of them even neglect it. The Ustraa hair wax will be a revelation for people struggling to keep their hair in check. The wax provides a matte look and feels while additionally providing nourishment and hold. It is easier to rinse off as it is a water-based formula. And finally, it does not leave your hair for dead as it protects against dryness and breakage. Grab the no.1 hair wax from Ustraa at an amazing price.

4. Charcoal shampoo by The Man Company

Charcoal shampoo by the Man Company

Image source: The Man Company

The charcoal shampoo by the Man Company is a must-have essential for every man. It is not a regular shampoo as it gives numerous benefits along with the cleansing of your hair. Some of the benefits are eliminating dandruff, helping calm down and treating frizzy and rough hair, helping hair growth, Improving better hair texture and offering relaxation and relief from anxiety. Grab your charcoal shampoo at the best price here.

5. Nivea men dark spot reduction cream

Nivea men dark spot reduction cream

Image source: Amazon

Let’s face it! Men do not take care of their skin as well as women. But now Nivea is out to change that with the introduction of Nivea men dark spot reduction cream. The cream essentially helps to reduce and erase any imperfection and spots that have been on your skin. This is perfect for men who are not used to taking care of their skin and also for people suffering from scars and marks left over from the past. It also has a UV filter that shields and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It is suggested for men with skin types ranging from dry to normal. Get it from Amazon with discount price here

6. LetsShave men’s grooming kit

LetsShave men’s grooming kit

Image source: LetsShave

Men need to have a personal grooming kit that they can use on the go. The LetsShave Men grooming kit is one of the most popular and widely used grooming packages in the world. Packed with a high-quality razor, lotion, face wash, scrubs, shave foam and it is the perfect kit to have on the go. LetsShave has been very popular with sales in almost 130 countries and has millions of customers worldwide. Get your exclusive LetsShave blades and LetsShave razors and avail amazing discounts by applying coupons. Switch to the one-stop solution for all your grooming needs with LetsShave grooming kits.

7. BEARDO ultraglow face lotion for men

BEARDO ultra glow face lotion for men

Image source: Beardo

When it comes to glow and vibrancy of the face, no other product comes close to Beardo Ultraglow face lotion for Men. This is because it is formulated from some of the best elements such as sunflower oil, glycerine, aloe vera, mulberry extract, and licorice extracts. Additionally, it blocks against oily skin and other greasy appearance of the face. It is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for anyone who desires a glow that radiates their presence and aura to the entire room. Get amazing discounts on your purchase of Beardo ultraglow face lotion.

8. Beardo lite beard and mustache oil

Beardo lite beard and moustache oil

Image source: Beardo

Facial hair is something that is a prominent feature of all men. Grooming and maintaining a beard is not an easy task as they need proper care for the best results. The Beardo Lite beard and mustache oil helps in giving you soft and moisturized beards every time. Formulated from castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, aloe vera extract and menthol, it protects the beard from its roots. Escape from unruly and malnourished beards with the Beardo lite beard and mustache oil. Click here to get discounts for the best beard oil for men with Beardo lite beard and mustache oil.

9. Gillette mach3 new blade razor

Gillette mach3 new blade razor

Image source: Flipkart

There is nothing like a clean shave, but men are always worried about cuts and bruises some razors may give you. Gillette is known around the world for its best in class technology for its razors and advancing that is Gillette mach3. With this latest iteration, the blade lasts longer and it promises a smooth comfortable shave. With diamond-like coated edges you can get a close shave at the comfort of your home. Get the Gillette mach3 at the lowest prices here.

10. Philips beard trimmer cordless and corded for men

Philips beard trimmer cordless and corded for men

Image source: Nykaa

Not men’s products have made such an impact as Phillips beard trimmers. They have defined the way in which Indian men take up grooming and beard maintenance. The lasting performance comes from Durapower technology that is implemented and 90 minutes of use coming from an hour of charge. The trimmer uses titanium blades and is known for its precision. It is the perfect product to keep your facial hair and grooming in check. Shop online today with best deal


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Top 12 Places to Visit During Christmas in India 2019

Top places to visit during Christmas

Top places to visit during Christmas

Discover the list of top places to visit during Chrismas in December

It’s that time of the year, and we are approaching Christmas fast. Christmas is not only celebrated widely but also gives you and your family the opportunity to relax, unwind and travel. India has a lot of amazing vacation spots where you can book and travel to explore at this festive time. Since New Year celebrations follow immediately, we have compiled a list of places to visit during this Christmas vacation. Don’t worry all these places are carefully curated so that you will get the best experience whichever you choose.

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1. Goa

Goa during Christmas

Goa during Christmas

Goa encapsulates everything that is exciting about Christmas. Goa is known for its amazing beaches and natural beauty. Goa is the capital of parties with pubs, bars, and shacks giving you ample entertainment. Known for its churches, Christmas celebrations, midnight mass, carols and more. The whole state celebrates Christmas in a grand manner and it would be a wonderful experience for you and your companions. Goa is accessible by train, road and by flight making it easy to travel to and from.

2. Manali

Manali during Christmas

Manali during Christmas

Manali is a heavenly destination covered by wonderful peaks and beautiful greenery. The essence of Manali lies in the entire atmosphere, giving you a serene and peaceful outlook on life. The best part of celebrating Christmas in Manali is the joy and festivities the place offers. During December it the whole town of Manali will be covered in snow, but this would provide a unique and rare experience for anybody who would like a Christmas spent in snow and nature

3. Mumbai

Mumbai during Christmas

Mumbai during Christmas

Mumbai is the biggest metropolitan city in India. At Christmas, it is filled with bright lights, decorations, and celebrations all around. It is also the perfect time to do your shopping as markets and malls would be filled with an amazing atmosphere. This includes amazing offers on apparel, food delights and many entertaining activities that happen throughout the celebration days. So, a trip to Mumbai might just be the catalyst to make a memorable Christmas 2019.

4. Pondicherry

Pondicherry during Christmas

Pondicherry during Christmas

Pondicherry is known as one of the best offbeat places to travel in South India. With a major Christian community residing there, you can experience authentic celebrations and other activities first hand. Some of the famous churches such as the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are definite places to visit. The locals are high on energy and the town that resides on the seaside has all the excitement in the air. So explore the beaches and have the wind in your hair with a Christmas spent in Pondicherry.

5. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand during Christmas

Uttarakhand during Christmas

If snow is what you’re after then Uttarakhand is the place to be as it is an amazing and scenic destination. Mostly covered by peaks and beautiful valleys, you can experience the best that nature has to offer at Uttarakhand. Neelkant, Mana Parbat, and Nanda Devi are some of the epic peaks that you can climb and have a beautiful experience while doing it. Some of the major attractions are Auli, Chopta, Binsar, and Mukteshwar.

6. Shillong

Shilong during Christmas

Shilong during Christmas

Shillong is one of the places that celebrate Christmas in a grand manner. People from all over India and abroad flock to Shillong to attend the midnight mass at the Cathedral church which is considered to be the oldest in the state. The bells and the whistles are part of the celebration and it is easy to enjoy the joys of Christmas. Shillong also has an amazing music scene where you can witness live bands that play gospel music. So plan a trip to Shillong and have an experience of a lifetime.

7. Ooty

Ooty during Christmas

Ooty during Christmas

Ooty is a hill station in the southern part of India famous for the most attracting tourists throughout the year. It has amazing architecture and a variety of places to explore. There are many Churches that you can visit and the scenic town celebrates Christmas in a grand manner. You can explore the festive activities such as midnight mass, carols, and feasts. All these reasons make Ooty one of the best places to visit during Christmas.

8. Kerala

Kerala during Christmas

Kerala during Christmas

Kerala is known as the gods own country, it's an excellent choice for Christmas. Kerala has a widespread Christian community and it is one of the best places to be on Christmas. With beaches, mountains and coastal areas it gives you a wide variety of places from where you can celebrate it the way you want. Witness the Christmas celebrations in the major churches throughout Kerala and witness the burning of Santa in Kochi. If you want an offbeat and new experience, Kerala is the best option for you.

9. Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu during Christmas

Daman and Diu during Christmas

Daman and Diu give you the best options to celebrate Christmas as it has amazing beaches, extended celebrations, and friendly folks. It is not the most famous place for a Christmas celebration but it is best when it comes to spending time on the beaches and getting involved in the celebrations. It has a lot of old churches and the locals celebrate Christmas religiously. Additionally, the Beaches on Diu are expansive and a perfect place to relax after the fun activities.

10. Sikkim

Sikkim during Christmas

Sikkim during Christmas

Sikkim has an aura to it that makes it heavenly and abundant with many things to do. One of the major festivals celebrated in Sikkim is Christmas and it is the perfect time to visit the place. Home to many mountains and peaks, it is visited by trekkers and mountaineers throughout the year. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets are just another reason why Sikkim is one of the most unique places to celebrate Christmas.

11. Kolkata

Kolkata during Christmas

Kolkata during Christmas

Kolkata is famous for its food and culture, but did you know they have amazing celebrations for Christmas as well? Yes, Kolkata takes their Christmas celebrations very seriously with exhibitions, bands playing live music and dance performances. Kolkata has also one of the best varieties of art and architecture to accompany it making it a perfect place to spend your Christmas at very productively.

12. Bangalore

Bangalore during Christmas

Bangalore during Christmas

Bangalore is an excellent place to celebrate Christmas as it has almost every kind of entertainment available. You can get amazing cuisines, the best malls for shopping and many live programs and concerts for entertainment. It is also a major city in India making it safe for your family to go about. Bangalore has some major churches conducting Christmas carols and midnight masses. Visiting and spending time in Bangalore is an amazing option to have a Christmas well spent.

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India’s Electrifying Task of Switching to Electric Vehicles

India's electrifying task

India's electrifying task

The future challenges of India transitioning towards Electric Vehicles-EVs

One of the main topics of economic discussion is the slowdown of the automotive industry and the ripple effect it has towards the economy. Some say this is the perfect time to implement better policies and facilities for mainstream EVs. But, there is a lot to be desired for in such a vast populous country and any step should be taken with the overall good and development in mind. As more and more pressure is mounting on the country to reduce its CO2 emissions, India is left with a monumental task of efficiently transitioning to all-electric vehicles.

Current scenario: A Dream and a nightmare

Currently, India is one of the biggest automotive markets in the world with many of the top players bidding it as the future. More attention is given to the fact that more Indians can afford personal vehicles as the economy is a growth trajectory. Currently, Electric vehicles cost about twice as their counterparts and this is mainly due to the raw materials. EVs are costly to manufacture and the battery is considered to be the heart of the vehicle. Currently, the finance minister of India 2019, Nirmala Sitharaman has announced tax exemptions for the purchasers of Electric vehicles for 2019- 2020.

The gradual change to electric vehicles is bound to happen and many companies in India are resisting change. The advantages such as the clean emission and saving of ownership are evident from the data of more developed countries. The Indian government is giving an additional 5% tax exemptions and many other pushes to appeal users to purchase an EV. The future of electric vehicles in India is a matter to be well discussed and properly executed. Because as it stands Indian cities records alarming pollution levels that could be tackled with the help of electric vehicles.

Tough transition and tougher timeframes

The next major hurdle that is waiting for the automotive industry is to successfully implement and adopt electric vehicle on a large scale. The groundwork has been laid down but the turbulent profits and nonperformance of the industry as a whole raise doubts. India has given itself 10 years to become fully electric. That means by the year 2030, the majority of the vehicles operating in India would be electrically powered. This poses the biggest change in the Indian automotive industry in decades.

Another key concern is the dependence on other countries such as China for manufacturing and ancillaries. The drawbacks of electric vehicles manufacturing in other countries will have significant impacts on the economy. There could be thousands of jobs that are shipped overseas leading to unemployment in the industry. India has started taking steps but still is unmatched to china in price and performance. India’s task is to build and create all the subsystems required for an electric vehicle which can reduce dependency. As the internal combustion engine is becoming outdated and going away the way to future proof India is for automotive companies to start manufacturing and innovating in India.

Top electric car and bike players fighting to make a difference

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles

As the transition progresses, many Indian manufacturers have already taken the first steps to kick start their electric vehicle journeys in India. They are introducing diverse and technology-driven solutions to the entire public marketplace. The top cars that are leading the race are Hyundai Kona, Mahindra E-Verito, Mahindra e2O, Tata Tigor EV 2019. Many more companies are designing and are set to showcase their EVs as the demand keeps on Increasing.

Scooter and motorcycles have also seen wide releases and some of them are already setting benchmarks. Bikes and scooters such as Ather, Hero electric, Revolt motors and more bring these two-wheelers at affordable rates to the mainstream users. Even though this is the initial stage, the eagerness of the manufactures and the growing demand tell an exciting story is set for the electric vehicle and the automotive industry.

Better manufacturing, batteries, and policies

Manufacturing and batteries seem to be the bottleneck that has been dwarfing the growth of the electric vehicle market. Currently, there are two choices, make in India or import. The reality of the situation lies in the fact that it is currently impossible to match the price of manufacturing units and batteries compared to importing them. Due to this many companies resort to importing as it is cheaper and faster. According to the data, about 90% of the parts in an electric scooter is from china as the Indian automotive industry relies heavily on them.

We can safely say that true progress will be made once we start making batteries and assembling electric vehicles in India. This process has begun but still is in the nascent stage of development.

India can hope to gradually and steadily increase the production and manufacturing until it can take it mainstream and get it accessible to the larger public. As the race is on to derive the next big battery technology, India sure is contesting for the top spot. Current as all things stay the same, India will cruise in towards a successful Electric vehicle society sooner than expected.

The Electrical vehicles everyone has been waiting for

Benefitting the user and the environment, electric vehicles are a sure replacement to the fossil fuel-powered internal combustion engines. The advantages are plenty and hype is real. Here are some of the ways Electric vehicle will change your life when you own it:

  1. Less cash, more miles: the cost of driving and maintenance of electric vehicles are considerably cheaper as compared to combustion engine one. They also give you more mileage and the flexibility to carry additional charging packs and batteries on the go.
  2. Lower emissions, greener environment: Electric vehicles cut down the harmful emission that we dispose of the air. EV produces less global warming gasses and pollutants as compared to their counterparts.
  3. Better, faster, safer: Electric vehicles offer you instant acceleration and response as compared to other engines. They can reach better top speeds, much faster and also is safer overall as there is no combustible liquid involved in the entire experience.
  4. Lowers your oil use: This one is a given, by using the electric vehicles you drastically reduce the dependence of petrol and diesel-powered engines. This gives you a cleaner experience and will change we experience cars in the future.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Diwali – Holiday Destinations in India

Top places to travel during diwali

Top places to travel during Diwali


Best Winter Holiday Destinations to Visit During Diwali for Every Traveler

Yes, it is that time of the year when we burst crackers and share those amazing sweets with our friends and family. Diwali has always been one of the most famous and widely celebrated festivals in India. Diwali also gives you the chance to celebrate outdoors, reunite with your family and buy new apparel for everyone.

Another fun fact is that this year the Diwali 2019 will give you a long weekend to enjoy and unwind. And we believe that this is the perfect excuse for you to travel and explore India in all its authenticity. Here is the list of the best places to visit during this Diwali.

  1. Goa - Road trips are cheaper


Goa - A Tourists Attraction

Goa is the perfect example of a getaway, as you can celebrate Diwali on the sands and beaches, This is especially a good choice for families as well as couples as October means that it is not the peak season and that reflects to lower rent and vacant beaches. The Konkani tradition of Goa and the festivities of Diwali is something different and unique. Many of the travelers from across the globe travel to Goa to witness and live the unique way of life there. Witness the burning of the paper sculpture of Naraksur on Narak Chaturdasi, this experience happens at 4 am in the morning. Also, don’t forget to attend the scented bath and ending the festival with Tulsi Vivah. All this can make your Diwali one you will remember for a long time to come. Check out the best offers on hotels in Goa 

  1. Jaipur - One journey to remember


Jaipur - A Pink City

Jaipur is filled with palaces and history in every direction that you look. The houses, streets, shops all glitter the majestic aura and magnificent ambiance that you would expect from Jaipur. We believe it is one of the best places to visit in October as the so-called pink city will be fully illuminated as the celebration of Diwali is held on a large scale there. Witness the royal customs that were followed by the Rajputs families and the generations of Marwadis residing in Jaipur. The best way to reach Jaipur is by road as you can get to see the land as you reach the city. Indulge in the food, have a sightseeing tour and go all out shopping and make memories when it matters.

  1. Amritsar - Celebrate from the golden view


Amritsar - Renowned for Golden Temple

Amritsar is one of the most festive and friendly cities in the whole of India. Experience India like never before and reconnect with yourself with the peaceful atmosphere and aura surrounding the place. Diwali time Amritsar is the place to be as they have an extensive celebration every year. You can visit the majestic Golden Temple which is mentally and visually stimulating, and at the same time awe-inspiring. Spending time in Chandigarh is also a good decision as you can explore the food, culture and other activities. Traveling to Chandigarh will be easy with the cheap air flight tickets available now, click here.  It will surely be a vacation for you to bring you much relaxation and happiness.

  1. Kolkata - Get traditional and explore


Kolkata - Known as Calcutta

Kolkata is the perfect getaway for Diwali, you can travel as a family or even as a couple. Kolkata is famous for its food, people and its very many places to visit and explore. The Bengalis worship goddess Kali and the tradition has a pooja on the day of Diwali. The sweets id something that you can indulge in Kolkata as there is none better. You can get the best-tasting dishes and have a bit of travel in the meantime as well. The city becomes crowded and getting accommodation would be a little difficult. Get guaranteed accommodation with Stayuncle and click here for the discounts on your booking. The energy and the thrill of the celebration will give you more reasons to extend your stay than otherwise. So pack your bags and head on to indulge in a Kolkata adventure.

  1. Varanasi - Grandeur and Splendor


Varanasi - Known as Benares

If you have never been to the ancient city of Varanasi, Diwali presents the perfect time to go and experience it. Considered as one of the holiest and oldest cities in the world will celebrate the festival of lights on Diwali. There is bound to be a huge crowd traveling to Varanasi to celebrate the festival and booking your stay at a hotel with Happyeasygo coupons will be an ideal way to get the best room at the right prices. The city of Varanasi will be wrapped in the festive mood, attending this will bring in a new angle to Deepavali you have not experienced before. The grandeur of the place, the people, the food, the culture, and the atmosphere are transformative, to say the least. 


Winter is the best time for couples,  newly married and many youngsters to travel, snuggle, and reminisce. Do not miss to enjoy the most romantic winter season of the year. 

StayUncle Coupons

StayUncle Coupons

Book couple-friendly hotels and rooms in India.

It's needless to mention that these hotels are secure and safe for you couple. Have a Happy Romance! 

Images Sourced from Pixabay, Pexels

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Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival Best Deals to Buy This Dussehra

Flipkart and Amazon Sale 2019 - Best Deals to buy

During the year-end festive season, Amazon is offering Up to 50% discount on mobiles and Flipkart is offering up to 80% discount on electronics, it will be a flash sale by both these e-tailers in 2019

Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival Best Deals

Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival Best Deals

Came here to find out what is worth buying during the Dussehra festival Sale from Amazon or Flipkart? It’s likely that you’re confused as to which is a good deal, as no one can keep track of all the prices which is what these sites exactly want. They pack in some good deals with already existing ones, making you believe that prices on everything have dropped. That is why we have made your shopping easier with the Best Deals, from Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival to buy this Dussehra.

CouponCash Top Picks to Buy from Amazon Great Indian Festival

OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro Mobile

OnePlus 7 Pro

Who said that buying a smartphone with top of the line specs, at a more accessible budget means compromising on looks or features? The Oneplus 7 pro does not just have all the brains like Snapdragon 855 processor, 6+ GB of RAM, 128+ GB of Storage and more but gorgeous beauty that will keep you ogling at its looks. Featuring a 6.67-inch Curved Fluid AMOLED full-screen notchless display with XXX ppi it is sharper, brighter and realistic than some flagship phones. It has an in-display fingerprint scanner that works seamlessly while securing your data from others. A 16MP pop-upfront camera that slides down when not in use and a triple cluster rear camera setup with a primary module sporting a 48MP setup, clicking pics with various modes such as Auto. Pro, Night Mode etc will give outstanding results. All this and more launched at an attractive price starting from Rs 49,999 now during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale can be yours at just Rs 44,999 which a massive drop of Rs 5000. That’s not all, get another 10% Instant of up to Rs 2000 on SBI Cards only during the sale. Top it all off with some exclusive cashback by making your purchase on this platform

Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi A3

Want a smartphone without all the clutter of brand apps, or weird themes which can reduce the performance of good specs due to bad UI, then a pure Android Experience is what you need. While there are a few options in the high range such as the Pixel series and on the low range such as the Moto or Nokia phones to choose from, one game-changer of a series was the Mi A1 and A2 devices. The successor to this is the Mi A3 Featuring a great balance of optimum specs and pure android experience. Some of the other upgrades include a triple camera setup with a 48MP primary sensor, 4000+ mAH battery, expandable memory via micro sd card and so on. With guaranteed OS updates for 2 years, all the latest software is sure to be added to your device. This smartphone is launched recently with a price of Rs 15,000 which you can get it now for just Rs 13,000 plus earn extra cashback after you shop on this site

Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4 smartphone


Keep a track of your life, be it sleep, no of steps taken, heart rate and much more with a fitness tracker. If you search for the best a whole lot of options pop up with different looks, same features specified in fancy names or at unbelievable prices doubting their accuracy. Don’t risk buying from an unknown brand or spend too much on it when you can get it all from Xiaomi with their Mi Smart Band 4 fitness tracker. With the first two versions being big hits, the new one improves on the main features while offering it on a color-filled interface. With the water-resistance feature, you can sweat it out in the gym without worry or even swimming. Having launched at a great price of Rs 2,500 you can get it even lower at Rs 2,299 only during the sale with additional cashback. Order online

MSI Gaming GL63

MSI Gaming GL63 Laptop

MSI Gaming GL63

Why settle for a budget, boring and lagging laptop when you can get a Gaming one for a similar price. Presenting the MSI Gaming GL63 laptop that has the brawn to run the latest titles without a sweat. Running an i5 9th Gen processor with 8GB of RAM that can be expanded, it great for any normal usage or Professional Software with amateur gaming. What’s more, it features not 2 but a 4 GB NVidia GTX 1500 series Graphic card that will blow your mind in performance. Get it all plus cool gaming modes, Cool Red Key backlight, massive vents to keep it running cool and the famous MSI Gaming heritage just at Rs 54,990 while it retails for Rs 79,990 not too long ago. Ordering it today to get additional cashback.

Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Philips 1000 Series Air Purifier

Air pollution is a serious problem in cities and nowadays in upcoming towns too because of all the factories and vehicles spewing smoke in the air. The situation has worsened so much that now their air pollution even indoors. Get an Air Purifier for your home to be safe than sorry as their prices have drastically reduced in recent times such as the Philips 1000 Series that has a good air cleaning capacity for Rooms as big as 650 Sft. which is how big a typical room in India is. Having two filters which are the Pre-filter and the activated carbon filter, the air purifier can clean the air to 99.99% purity within a couple of hours. Make it yours at a special price of Rs 8,499 which is a massive drop from Rs 11,995 it came out with. Sweeten the purchase further with some extra cashback today

Echo Dot Bundle with Wipro 9W Smart Bulb

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

Spoke to your phone to get things done like a traffic update or searching for a restaurant? Good as it means you’re a future-ready consumer adopting the latest technology into your life. Why stop there when you can automate much more in your domestic life which is in your home by getting a Smart Assistant. Make boring things like ordering groceries, controlling lights or AC just by your voice by getting an Amazon Echo Dot. A smart companion to keep you more productive as it can help you with more than 200 tasks. But here’s something more for the same price, a smart bulb from Wipro that you can control with your Echo Dot all for just Rs 2,299 which you can get with extra discount and cashback with this smart link.

Mi LED TV 4A PRO (43) Full HD Android TV



Using your phone to catch up on the latest web series? Well apart from straining your eye, you might be missing out on some detail and sound effects. Get an HD Smart TV from the most affordable brand - Xiaomi. The Mi LED TV 4A PRO is a perfect choice as it brings in a large screen size of 43 inches, HD display, and Sart feature by running on Android all at just Rs 19,999 which is way down from Rs 25,999 making it a steal. Not just for running apps, you can control the smart TV with Google Assistant built into it. Get 20W surround sound, multiple USB and HDMI ports, built-in Chromecast and much more for the amazing price available only for the great Indian festival sale with additional discount and cashback with this quick purchase link

CouponCash Top Picks to Buy from Flipkart Big Billion Days

boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headset

boAt Bluetooth Headset

boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headset

Untethered music is where you can unwind but it comes at the cost of being heard by all unless you get a Bluetooth Headphone. Enjoy studio-quality sound on a wireless device from the Bass pounding company boAT and their headset - Rockerz 510 that gives out the best balance of Real sound customizable to your liking. With its smart controls, you can pause, play or change the volume on the headset itself. It’s no slouch in playtime either with a battery life of 10 hours you can even take calls with great voice quality. At 62% off from Rs 3,490 to just Rs 1,299 listen to HD music with privacy. Get the deal with more discount and cashback - Just buy online!

Noise Shots X5 Charge

Noise Shots X5 Charge

Noise Shots X5 Charge

Not just the iPhone but every Apple product has changed the way we do everyday things and their latest revolution was the AirPods to listen to music or take calls wirelessly. Just because it is made by Apple doesn't mean the technology is expensive as like Android phones there are wireless earbuds too with the Noise Shots X5 Charge offering all the features at an affordable budget. Get a beautiful design, 4 hrs of single charge battery life, Sweatproof, High Bass and much more all at just Rs 3,599 that is just 1/4th the price of Apple Earpods thanks to Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale as it retailed for Rs 7,999. If that rock bottom price is not low you can get an additional discount and cashback.

IFB 6 kg 2D Front Load Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg 2D Front Load Washing Machine

IFB 6 kg 2D Front Load Washing Machine

Our busy lives have made normal things like washing clothes mechanized by using Washing machines. But a common experience is that they break down quite often when we choose budget brands that can be upsetting and IFB has always been a brand associated with quality though has been slightly expensive. Luckily for you, the best Washing Machine model by IFB which is the 6Kg 2D Front Load is on Sale for just Rs 19,490. It features a fully automatic washing system that can spin up to 800 rpm with 8 wash programs and a Stainless steel drum ensuring to work for long without a hassle. Make it yours with a better deal and extra cashback

IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

Eating healthy should be our priority which is why baked food is less harmful than fried. A simple way to do that is by using a Microwave. The IFB 23L Convection Microwave Oven is a great option for not just starter but for those who have cooked using a microwave as it features a Convection mode as well with 10auto cook menus, custom defrosting options and much more. You don't need to clean the oven yourself as it has a steam cleaning option for your convenience. All this at just Rs 8,699 now from Rs 13,090. Look no further as this is the best deal but we can help you get further discount and cashback

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The Art of Shopping During Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019

amazon great indian festival sale

Image Source: Amazon India

Master the Art of Shopping with Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019

Shopping is an art, and like all art forms, it can be mastered. We give you the best way to go round your shopping so that you can make the best out of them with Amazon Great Indian Festival sale 2019.

It is that time of the year when Amazon is hosting its much-awaited Amazon Great Indian Festival sale 2019 with many offers, amazing discounts and a great variety of products to choose from. Through the years, Amazon has become the most visited shopping site in India as they understand the Indian customers well. India is a vibrant country, filled with colors, palettes, and designs that are intertwined with culture and tradition. The other face of India is the high growth country with much frenzy for all things electronics and has a lot of early adopters to technology.

The Amazon Great Indian Festival is held from 29th September to 4th October 2019. This year, Amazon has realized the demand and is well equipped with all the products such as electronics, Smartphones, Laptops, Cameras, Large Appliances, TV’s, home and kitchen products, fashion and more. Get the top products from every category at jaw-dropping discounts of anywhere from 40 % to 90% for selected products. Since Dussehra and Diwali are a few days away, save on your traveling expenses with flight bookings at an amazing cashback of Rs 2500.

With power comes responsibility, so we will enhance your responsibility and power to have the best of this shopping experience and save money doing it. Continue...

Time to cross off your bucket list for shopping

We all have our lists, the shopping bucket lists where we keep our most desired products for shopping and cross off the ones we have bought or acquired. Well, fret not, as Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale is the right time to purchase all the things that you had kept in mind for a later time, maybe you waited for the price to lower down. In this sale, you will get the best and amazing products at the lowest prices with the help of discounts, offers, cashback, and exchanges. Now, as no product is out of your reach, buy and cross them off your shopping bucket list for 2019 with great fun and save money while doing it.

With some of the best brands taking part in the sale such as Samsung, OnePlus, Lenovo, Maggi, Max, Infinity, Fossil and many more, you are sure to find the right product at the right price this year's sale. Furthermore, with many of the top banks participating in the sale, using your credit and debit cards will only benefit you getting you more exclusive deals and discounts for specific products.

No budget will hold you back this festive season

Anybody who has ever purchased anything online will be sensitive to pricing. Unlike physical stores, the prices fluctuate online in a blink of an eye and there are so many retailers online that you end up in decision paralysis. We compare all the sites for a marginal change in price and succumb to the fact that it is probably the best deal you can get.

This year the Amazon Great Indian Festival is all set to delight you with products that will perfectly fit your budget. Amazon also gives you various offers such as no-cost EMI’s, exchange offers, free installation and delivery, 30-day return and a whole lot of cashback to bring you the ideal purchase.

Some of the best banks such as SBI cards offer as much as a 10% instant discount and also give you additional bonus offers. So every time you hesitate to make a purchase, you can rest assured that you won't break your bank as all the products are listed at discounted prices and give you additional benefits such as cashback and exchanges.

Priceless offers for Amazon Prime members

amazon big billion day for prime members

Creative Inspiration and Source: Amazon India


Amazon Prime is one of the most fantastic deals on the internet today. The Amazon Prime subscription is so popular that people have taken for granted some of their unique facilities and are used to the pampering.

Some of the best advantages of being an Amazon prime member on the Amazon Great Indian Festival are:

  • Start the sale Early

Amazon Prime members have the option to start the sale as early as 28th September, giving them the advantage of early access to the deals before the stocks run out.

  • Same Day and One Day Delivery

Amazon Prime members have the option of delivery of their orders on the same day or in one day of the purchase. This is done without the addition of any cost to the Amazon Prime member.

  • Ad-free Video Streaming

The Amazon Prime members will benefit from unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video. They can indulge in the latest shows, movies, and a lot of Amazon originals all at your fingertips.

  • Ad-free Music Streaming

Amazon prime music acts as your all in one destination for music. The Amazon Prime music gives you unlimited access to over 1 million songs and albums and includes no ads and a whole lot of customizable playlists and stations.

  • Amazon Prime Days

Prime members are also offered the benefit of amazing lightning deals on Amazon Prime days where you can select highly discounted products within a certain time frame exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Save more, buy more and win more with Amazon cashback

amazon great indian festival offers on mobiles

Creative Inspiration and Source: Amazon India


The Amazon Cashback is easy to use and you can apply it to every purchase done from the website. All you have to do is:

1. Collect offers now

You need to collect the offers while they last and grab those deals that you have always wanted.

2. Place the order on great Indian festival

Once you have decided on your prospective products, purchase them during the days of the Great India Festival and get unlock the cashback.

3. Get the Cashback

Once the Cashback is unlocked, you will receive it in the next 72 hours from the time of your purchase.

Some of the great cashback offers are on Electronics where you can get a guaranteed Rs 100 cashback on all your purchases.

Multiple payment options and Amazon coupons

Amazon has made sure to tackle all the customer concerns and have streamlined the Great India Festival in such a way that everyone visiting the website will be having an amazing experience exploring and purchasing. And, to make the payment process faster and easier they have tied up with the best in the business. With almost all banks participating and easy payment options such as E-Wallets and cash on delivery options, you can have more than one option to make your payments.

Amazon Pay is an alternative that you can use where you can use it as an online wallet and also make transactions, purchase online, make payments, make mobile recharges and a whole lot more. Another highlight of the Amazon Great Indian Festival is the Coupons section.

The coupon section offers you amazing value for money deals on a variety of categories such as daily essentials, Amazon Fashion coupons, Electronics and accessories coupons, Home, kitchen and outdoor coupons and more. All you have to do is to collect your preferred items and click on collect coupons to get the best deals. Getting products at a discounted rate is never this easy when you have so many options to save money like the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale 2019.

Set Sale for an ocean of exciting offers from Amazon

This year the best deals on the internet are on Amazon Great Indian Festival. As a customer looking for value purchases you will not be disappointed with the offers and coupons on display as Amazon has curate it to perfection. With an ever-increasing product lineup, amazing offers and discounts and easy payment options all that is left to do is to get the best out of your purchase.

The art of shopping is a learned one and with the Amazon Great Indian Festival, you can show off all the skills and knowledge when it comes to buying at the best prices. For the added push you can get amazing exclusive coupons online along with cashback. So its time to cross out your bucket list and get shopping on Amazon.

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