10 Ways for Teenagers to Make Money in India

10 ways for teenagers to make money

Ways for teenagers to make money

10 ways for teenagers to make money

You are a teenager, you find it difficult to pay off those tuition fees, medical bills for your sick single parent, school fees, food money, to buy that favorite accessory, the best clothing piece you saw at the H&M store, that favorite play station you wanted to buy or you just want to save up some money for future, then you are not alone there are many teenagers who in fact do part-time jobs to make money. In India, child labor laws have reduced a lot of employment opportunities. In fact, when the child is themselves interested to work the law has blocked them from doing so. For example, some teenagers are born intelligent with mechanical work, plumbing, crafts work, arts, hotel operations, etc. or some teenagers would love to be groomed for these jobs as well. 

There are umpteen non- traditional jobs for teenagers to earn money from. You can evade the ordinary jobs like grocery cashier, retailer jobs, salesperson, call center jobs, cleaning at a restaurant, etc. let us look at some legit interesting jobs apart from the normalized jobs that people do these days to earn part-time money.

  1. House cleaning and Run Errands:  Traditional cleaning services can get very expensive these days. People want their homes clean but at an economical rate. So people would like to hire teenage students or teenagers at a reasonable amount. So if you are one among those cleaning fanatics this job could be yours. You do not have to sign through an agency you can ask around letting go off your ego and get the cleaning business started. Make sure that it is a job you will thoroughly enjoy and do it well. Look around you and analyze the houses that need help to do the smallest of things. Some people might need help buying groceries for them, paying bills, doing courier and parcel services, picking up water bottles, picking up gas and fitting, small plumbing works, shifting house equipment, driving them around for loans and insurance papers, etc. ensure you sign up for errands you can actually run. 
  2. Decluttering: Is your wardrobe stuffed with clothes you no longer wear or fit into? Do you have umpteen number of DVDs, PlayStation games, bicycles, motor geared scooters, scooters, basketball sets, hockey-playing sets, coloring books, etc. that you don’t use anymore? It is super easy to sell these items and make a lot of money. You can also get your house some space and make yourself some room to buy things in the future. It is easy money so try this today.
  3. Babysitting: If you love babies and like spending time around them this could be your chance to win some money and a lot of love. You need to do a CPR test before this process. You can start to market yourself online or speak to a few families in the neighborhood. Mind you, it’s not an easy task to win the trust of parents who are bound to be protective about their kids but if you can genuinely prove them through your actions you are more likely to get babysitting jobs through word of mouth marketing easily and earn up to Rs 6000 per month.
  4. Dog sitting and walking: If you love to spend time with dogs and earn some wet licks and kisses, this could be your chance to earn some money whilst enjoying the doggies. People who need to work for more than 10 hours find it unfair to have their dogs alone all the time they are in the office. Also, not every employee is lucky to get work from home jobs as well. you might have to undergo a two-day training to understand how to communicate to dogs, learn the right body language to meet and greet them, understand what polite petting is and how to help them when they are stressed. All you need to be careful about is to get yourself equipped with enough knowledge on how to mentally stimulate a dog through fun puzzles, chewing activities, and sniffing exercises. Instead of playing fetch or tug with the dogs that could extremely stress them out and increase their adrenaline try to help them calm down with the above mentioned mental stimulation activities and help them get better sleep. This way the dog parents would be at peace and will be glad to have people like you in the industry. Get your online weekend lessons on dog communication and much more on canines at www.bharcs.com
  5. Session musician: Are you a considerably good guitarist, lyricist, singer, keyboardist, synthesist, violinist, composer, producer, mixing and mastering expert, etc.? Try to make money by being a session musician or a part-time composer for other artists looking out for the same. The music scene in India is quite good for independent artists and there are tons of musicians looking for sessions guitarists, vocalists, percussionists, etc. because some bands just cannot afford a full-time instrumentalist due to fund issues. So an extra hour at jamming sessions can get the session artists to get the hang of the band chemistry and the playing scenes.
  6. Music X-ray: if you like listening to all genres of music this job could be for you. All you have to do is to spare some hours in a day and rate a song after listening to it for 30 seconds. If you like an artist or the music and think these artists can come up a long way vote for them and increase their rating. This is a legit job that can earn you a lot of money if you are willing to spend some time. Here is the link to understanding music production and how to rate a song based on the production www.udemy.com/topic/music-production
  7. Freelance Content Writer: if you have good language skills, writing ability and excellent sentence formation skills then try to give your luck with content writing. There are umpteen companies looking for content writers to their marketing team. All you have to do is research on a given topic. Research as many surveys, studies, and articles and write it in your own words of understanding. These days there are writers that give up to 1 rupee per word for article writing, journal preparation and documentary exhibition. Get some top tricks to write good content and earn money through a course offered by Coursera www.coursera.org/courses
  8. Video editing: In this digital world, we have a lot of YouTube content creators out there who look out for video editors and music creators. They would prefer to outsource this job because they need to focus on creating the content. It is easy money all you need to do is have basic knowledge of Movies, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom. Here is the link to the top video editing courses offered by Udemy www.udemy.com/topic/video-editing
  9.  Wedding/ baby shower Photographer: There is no dearth of events in our country. Especially when it comes to a wedding, they hire photographers that make them fairer, richer and thinner. It is a humor that many photographers laugh upon but if you think you have a piece of fairly good knowledge on using a DSLR and read upon wedding photography skills this could give you some practice to pursue this as your passion. Online degree courses offered by Speos speos-photo.com/english/index.html 
  10. Earn money Online: There are different ways to make money online. One of the easiest is online paid surveys. Surveys comprising of a set of 10 to 15 questions can fill up your piggy bank with a minimum of Rs 900 per week. Paid surveys in India, teaches you how to earn money online. This is a multi-level marketing model where millions of Indians are supposedly making a lot of money through these online paid surveys. If you are someone who can handle a lot of paid surveys in India, the more money you can make.

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