The Four Ds to Plan Your New Year Resolutions 2020 (with ideas)

new year resolutions 2020

4 ds to plan new year resolutions 2020

Four D's to plan New Year resolutions 2020

New Year is around the corner and we can’t wait to welcome 2020 into our lives. Only things that still bother us are pending or ignored New Year’s resolutions of the yesteryears. True, not everything works according to our plan as life can take a route of its own. But what makes the difference can be the thorough planning of your new year resolutions. Worry not, this year we have an amazing guide for you to make this happen. Because all it takes is commitment and courage, as the rest will fall into place.

The Four D's that we are about to lay down here comes from years of missed resolutions and broken commitments. We had to find a way to stick to the plan, without too much stress. This made us realize that it was not the resolution but the plan that I had to work on. The four D's are distraction, decision, discipline, and devotion. These are what will help you devise the perfect set of resolutions to become the best you. We have also attached a few New Year Resolution Ideas to better explain each element.

Becoming S.M.A.R.T

First off, let’s understand why we miss out on targets or entirely skip promises made to ourselves. The major factor here is accountability. You can become accountable to someone with a higher power like a boss or a parent. But, you can easily convince yourself to bring your guard down when dealing and there arises the problem. The best way to make sure you stay accountable is to follow the S.M.A.R.T guidelines when creating resolutions.

See that all your resolution follows these easy guidelines:

S for Specific- Make sure all your goals are clearly defined so as to get a proper understanding of the task at hand

M for Measurable – Try to quantify your resolution to help you keep track of your progress

A for Attainable – Choose goals that are in your realm of possibility for attaining, but are challenging enough.

R for Relevant – The chosen personal goal should be relevant to you and should somehow make your life a little better

T for Time-Sensitive – The goal should be outlined by a time frame for execution so that there are enough urgency and motivation guiding you.

Now you have an idea how to craft each of your New Year’s resolutions in a better and efficient manner. Next, we find on what basis you have to create your goals and resolutions based on priority and importance. There are four levels in this process that is divided into four Ds. Here are the four Ds to base your New Year’s resolutions on:

#D1 – Distraction

Distractions are a major part of our lives and something that we want to minimize as much as possible. The beginning of a New Year is a perfect opportunity to work on your attention. The more you are distracted, the more you are directionless and take you away from your goals. Here are 3 ideas that you can implement with ease

  •         Get organized: Nothing like keeping things organized. When you make sure you are organized, you work less, plan more and execute daily. Keep yourself organized is easy tasks that you can kick start your New Year and reduce distractions.
  •         Limiting Social Media: There is no escaping Social Media as platforms help us communicate and keep in touch. But, too much can become an addiction that can lead to less life satisfaction and other problems. Make it a goal to reduce the usage of Social Media. If you constantly scroll your feed, this will work wonders in your life.
  •         Try new things: We are creatures of habits and habits that can lead to boredom. Life is full of new things to try if you allow yourself. Make it a point to try something new, travel somewhere or even pick up a new habit. This will make you more involved and more satisfied in the long run.

#D2 - Decision

Decisions are the type of goals that you need more time and constant motivation to achieve. These could be things that you may have tried but failed in the past. This New Year resolution gives you the perfect excuse to tackle them again. With the S.M.A.R.T framework, you can work towards many fulfilling decisions. Some decision ideas are:

  •         Lose weight: Losing weight is something many adults constantly battle with. Some people have been on a lifelong weight loss journey but never reach it. Use this opportunity to make a decisive goal to lose weight starting with small changes like eating healthy and hitting the gym.
  •         Be more social: This is another part of our lives we may underachieve. It is called Networking in professional circles. Basically, we can meet and expand our circle of friends and get acquainted with people that can help us in the long run. So make it a point to meet more people as often.
  •         Read Books: The one habit that is quickly becoming extinct is reading. With so much content online and social media, it becomes a task for anyone to spend some quality time with a book. Books are still valuable and can give you a lot of insights and entertainment. Try to set goals on books to read for the year and achieve them.

#D3 – Discipline

Discipline can be anything that you need to impart on a regular basis to make your life a little better. These require constant motivation and daily review. You implement discipline into the smallest of your daily tasks to improve your life. Some of the ideas for Discipline are:

  •         Bike to work: Biking to work is an amazing way to get some cardio while commuting to your office. This can give you lots of energy and a positive outlook on your day. It also helps you save on fuel and reduce the carbon footprint if you’re into those sorts of things!
  •         Focus on one task at a time: Focus helps us guide our attention. So much information and tasks are bombarding every minute that it makes it harder to focus. This year make sure to become more productive by focusing on one task at a time. This will help raise your productivity and declutter any mess.
  •         Constant Review of goals: This is an important part of the whole exercise. You can only know how much your New Year resolutions are on track with constant review of your goals. Set time apart to sit down and see where you are on each front. This can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly (3 months).

#D4 – Devotion

Devotion is the long term goal that you would want to adopt into your life. This can bring about a shift in attitude, wellness and also give you a new perspective on life as a whole. This final D is the hardest to measure as some of it cannot be quantified like mindfulness. But it is important to have a holistic approach while setting goals such as New Year's Resolutions. Here are some ideas that you can consider:

  •         Find your passion: Finding your passion can be a lifelong journey or a short one. The moment you enjoy what you are doing and are unaware of the time spent is a step in the right direction. Finding your passion is crucial as it is one of the goals of human existence. So take those baby steps to analyze yourself and zero in your passions.
  •         Spend money wisely: Money is a subjective matter and can differ from person to person. But spending too much will not only deplete you of your savings but demoralize you. Avoid this and start making your money work for you. Start investing in things like the stock market, real estate and other forms of assets that can increase by time. Savings also helps you in times of emergencies.
  •         Value your time: The one thing that doesn’t come back in this life is time spent. Understand that each moment is precious. So, getting the maximum out of your time should be a major goal. Be aware of who you give your time, spend it on things you love and cherish and enjoy it as once you spend you may never get it back.

These are the four D’s and how you can use it to zero in on your New Year Resolutions in 2019. By applying the tactics of S.M.A.R.T goals you can now also track and evaluate them efficiently. We hope you have an amazing 2020 meeting all your goals and setting new ones. Don’t worry if you don’t get everything the first time as it is a trial and error process that only gets better by the years.


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