Top 10 Prize Winning Onam Pookalam Designs 2019 [With Images]


Onam Pookalam designs 2019

Onam is the biggest festival celebrated in Kerala, where Malayalis celebrate the harvest festival with joy, enthusiasm, and optimism all around the globe.  At the beginning of the first month of the Malayalam calendar, it often sees the gathering of families, relatives and close ones to acknowledge and celebrate the togetherness that comes with Onam.

Some of the major activities that happen during the festival are Onam Pookalam (Floral Carpet), Vallamkali (Boat Race), Pulikali (Tiger Dance), Worshipping Onathappan (Maveli), Vadamvali (Tug of war). Onam also sees the Malayalis indulge in Sadya, which is the feast of multiple courses that includes a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes mainly served on banana leaves to represent the festivity.

Onam Pookkalam or Atha Pookalam is an important part of the festival where sets of floral designs are laid greeting and representing the color and happiness of Onam.  These designs are complicated, eye-catching and vibrant. Made with fresh flowers, these rangoli designs bring a unique charm and ambiance to the place. As with everything in design, the new trend keeps popping up every year. Here are the 10 best Onam Pookalam designs 2019 with Images.

  1. The Spiral Rings

The Spiral Rings

The Spiral rings consist of mostly 3 consecutive rings that are precisely laid out at the borders of the design. Going inward the circle is impeccably designed with vibrant use of colors. The sheer variety and beautifully done center will prove this design to be a show stopper. Additionally, the shading and texture can be adjusted with the type of flower petals used in it.

  1. U-shaped Pookalam

U Shaped Pookalam

The U shaped Pookalam is a classic favorite of the Malayalees. The design although simple and elegant has been articulated in a precise and heavy manner that gives it depth and vitality. Beginners can attempt this design and can achieve near-perfect finish as the shapes are basic and easy to arrange. Experiment with a variety of flowers to get the best results for the U-shaped design.

  1. The Geometric Pookalam

The Geometric Pookalam

The Geometric Pookalam comes straight out of the fantasy, with the beautiful and complicated shapes that it encompasses. The variety of borders and the boxes, triangles and octagon shapes bring the design together. This design also stands out for its contrast with it's dark and light combination of flowers.

  1. Flower-shaped Pookkalam, flower power!

Flower shaped Pookkalam

This has to be the best Pookalam that makes the most sense for celebrating Onam. Since Pookalam is made up of flowers, the Flower shaped Pookkalam is created with layers of flower designs starting from the center of the Pookkalam. The Flower shaped Pookalam also has changing colors with every layer to shop the vibrancy and bring a flowing effect for the viewer. This would definitely be a hit among Athapookalam.

  1. Flower Bed Design

Flower Bed pookalam design

The Spinning Pookalam design will give you the best visual effect of your efforts. You can get multiple colors in it to switch it up to make it vibrant. This design takes the shape of a moving flower and the petals give the illusion of rotation and layers. This not only gives it quality but also gives amazing depth that will make it stand out. Although time-consuming, if done correctly will give you amazing results.

  1. Multicolored Design

Multicolored Pookalam

The multicolored Pookalam is one of a kind, vibrant, colorful and beautiful. Made with precise craftsmanship and planning, this design can be pulled out in competitions to make a splash. Bordered by concentric spiral designs, the Pookalam collapses into the center with many perfectly balanced circles overlapping each other. The wide variety of flowers means that each of the quadrants is unique and gives out an amazing overall view when viewed together.

  1. The Perfect Circle Design

The Perfect Circle pookalam

The Perfect circle Pookalam is the perfect blend of beauty, elegance, and art. Carefully designed to give you the best design that is relevant as well as keeping up with the tradition. This design stretches the Pookalam design concepts and can be quite enjoyable fun to actually plan and lay it down. Further, the mix of more flowers with different colors and textures will only add to the excitement.

  1. Simple Design

Simple Pookalam

The simple Pookalam is an easy design made to simplify the Pookalam laying process but also to take forward the spirit of Onam. The Onam celebration is never complete without a Pookalam of any range and when the simple Pookalam allows you to be time and labor efficient without compromising on the quality of the design.

  1. Lord Krishna Design

Lord Krishna Pookalam

The Lord Krishna Pookalam Is inspired by the figure of Lord Krishna and is a very vibrant and beautiful design to do a Pookalam in. You can use a variety of flowers to give the right balance between the figure and the background and is fairly simple to lay down once the rangoli has been drawn or created. This design will make your Onam that much more special.

  1. Flower Diya Design

Flower Diya design

Flower Diya design is one of the most exciting designs of the lot. The design contains different circles that fill up the Pookalam. A combination of yellow, pink, orange, white and red float along with the layout of the Pookalam and a spark and a Diya is present at the center.

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