Top do’s and don’ts of Coronavirus COVID-19 disease

Top Do's and don'ts of Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease

Top Do's and don'ts of Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease

Coronavirus is an infectious disease which spreads from human to human through social contact. Now, It is known to be airborne as well. With the number of people infected and hospitalized we cannot take the disease lightly. COVID-19 has spread to 192 countries, with over 3.5 lakh infected cases and 14,746 fatalities but the positive side is that we can hope for recovery because we have almost one lakh recovered cases. So we need to be quite conscious and cautious while preparing ourselves during a critical situation like a virus spread.

Do’s for everyone:

  1. Do wash your hands several times a day with an alcohol-based sanitizer or a soap-based hand wash. The alcohol content should be at least 60%.
  2. Use a mask if you are infected so it prevents getting contracted by another person.
  3. Do understand the symptoms of COVID-19. If you have a dry cough, running nose, high fever, shortness of breath, etc. be cautious and self isolate yourself.
  4. In order to not contract the diseases, stay indoors and keep your place hygienic.
  5. Try to stock a few necessary food and sanitation items.
  6. Understand that as per WHO notice, the disease cannot be passed on between dog to dog or cats to cats. They can contract the disease, but this does not affect them. The results of the dogs being tested so far are weak positive and they do not have any health conditions.
  7. Try to do a deep meditation and breathing exercises such as Pranayama.
  8. Try to hold your breath for 10 to 20 seconds every day and if you fall short of that try to see a doctor.
  9. Do understand that every state has a helpline who can come and collect your sample to check for Coronavirus strains so please remain home.
  10. Do consider staying indoors as much as possible and taking extra precautions if you are above 60 years of age, as there is a higher risk of contracting coronavirus at that age.
  11. Reconsider your travel plans, social gatherings, meetups, etc. this can be done after the virus is removed permanently or at least until further notice comes up.
  12. Do consider to be infected mildly because WHO has declared this is pandemic and will be contained only if everybody stays safe and isolates themselves from others. Local authorities say you need to be quarantined for 14 days until further notice.
  13. Practice social distancing. Avoiding crowded areas, large gatherings can help you and your loved ones to be safe.
  14. Your house should be well ventilated so try to keep your balcony doors and windows open most of the time.
  15. Have a healthy diet and try to improve your immune system with a maximum intake of Vitamin C, D, and B12.
  16. You can still have poultry if you are a nonvegetarian and if you are a family feeding your dogs a healthy nonvegetarian diet. WHO has declared that coronavirus is not spread to chickens and eggs. So have all that egg and chicken you want.
  17. Monitor your neighbors and check on old people who do not have any house help. It is ok to be helpful for each other now. If they are short on medications try and help them to get their medications on time. Fortunately, all the grocery shops, medical stores, and hospitals are still working.
  18. Do seek medical advice if you feel you have somehow been an asymptotic carrier of coronavirus. It might be mild, but it could get dangerous if not taken care of.
  19. Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow or onto a tissue. If you have used the tissue be mindful of throwing it into the dustbin immediately.

Don'ts for everyone:

  1. Don’t touch your nose, face, ears if you have come in contact with someone outside your family.
  2. Don’t wear a mask unless you are sick. Wearing a mask when you do not have the coronavirus does not make any sense. Demand for masks has been so high especially in the hospital sectors so please be mindful when you go buy those masks.
  3. Do not touch your face, nose, eyes, ears, etc. if you have touched a package or parcel coming from outside your house.
  4. Don’t travel anywhere if you have a fever. Fever is one of the common symptoms of coronavirus it is recommended you stay at home.
  5. Do not panic at this crucial point. Officials say the risk of contracting the disease is higher only if you do not follow the self-isolation protocols.
  6. Do not skip the flu shot. The symptoms of normal flu can overlap with COVID-19 flu. If you do not treat the normal flu you are highly likely to contract the disease.
  7. Don’t abandon your pets. WHO has confirmed that coronavirus cannot spread through dogs and cats. If your dog has contracted the disease do be careful about the humans around you because either you or a neighborhood near you has the disease for sure.
  8. Don’t avoid the daily wages for your household, house helps and other small vendors. They should be advised to stay home but their payment should not be avoided because they might be relying only on this mode of salary. So please be compassionate.
  9. Don’t go out unless you have to see the doctor. Avoid public transports and try to take the self ride options for now.
  10. Do not hang out with your family members if you suspect you have the virus. Have a bathroom and balcony attached room just for you. Tell someone to assist you with food, or even better if you could have a small kitchen set up in your room. If it’s a mild coronavirus self-isolation is likely to help you get rid of it in a span of 2 weeks.
  11. Don’t go for antibiotics now. They are medicines to work against bacteria and novel coronavirus is oh well a virus.

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10 Perfect Cakes to Celebrate a Grand Christmas 2019

Perfect cakes to celebrate Christmas 2019

Perfect cakes to celebrate Christmas 2019

Christmas is around the corner and it is that time of the year when families come together and celebrate. Families are involved in many group activities such as decoration, having amazing meals, enjoying fun games. One thing that stands out every year is the Christmas cake that will make everyone ready to take a bite. Mostly cakes are bought but some adventurous few ventures out to make their own. Christmas cake represents the festive mood of the season and there is a type of cake for everyone. Well, this year we compile 11 must-have cakes for a grand Christmas. Let’s have the cake and eat it, too!

Celebrate Christmas with an amazing cake

Cakes are an integral part of Christmas celebrations and there is no alternative to the joy it brings. Shared and loved by everyone, you can be surprised by the sheer variety of cakes available in the markets. From the original medieval Plum pudding to the latest ice cream cakes, you can indulge in so many types of cakes. There are also many themed cakes that you can purchase such as Christmas tree cake, Santa Claus cake, Snowman cake, Christmas themed cake and more.

You can also try a hand at baking a cake at home. This would require all the ingredients to be collected and prepared. Baking a cake for Christmas can be a fun activity as a family or with friends. But, for those of us looking to relax, rewind and connect, purchasing a cake can be a safe bet. Since abundant choices were available, here are the top 11 cakes that made our list of the perfect cakes to celebrate a grand Christmas.

Here are the top Christmas cakes:

1. Traditional Christmas fruit cake

Traditional Christmas Cake

Traditional Christmas Cake

The traditional Christmas fruit cake is one of the best and the most authentic Christmas cakes that you can buy. Made with dried fruits, mixed peels, nutmeg, nuts, and more this blends into your Christmas menu in no time. Made traditionally with brandy and port, this gives a strong aroma as well as a rich taste once it’s prepared. The cake can be served to a group of people and is quite lip-smacking in taste. You can either buy it or get creative and make it yourself with the recipe here.

2. Kerala plum cake

Kerala plum cake

Kerala plum cake

Kerala plum cake is known for its sensual aroma and essence of rich taste that has become synonymous with Christmas. Christmas is a major occasion in Kerala and nothing brings back amazing memories such as the Kerala plum cake. Filled with fruits and matured with time, it is essentially one of the best cakes you can have at Christmas. The cake is not made from soaking dry fruits and it is also alcohol-free, making it edible to everyone. You can find the recipe for the cake here and you can easily buy it online at a discount here.

3. Dry cake with dates and walnuts

Dry Cake with Dates and Walnuts

Dry Cake with Dates and Walnuts

The dry cake with dates and Walnuts is one of the foodies’ favorite this year. The primary ingredients in the cake that defines it is the dates and walnuts that give it a strong and rich flavor. This internationally acclaimed cake is eggless and dry in nature. Easily serves 6 people this would become the center of conversation this Christmas with your friends and family. If you have dates and walnuts lying around the house, put on that apron and get to work with this recipe. For the less initiated, you can purchase this with all its goodness from here.

4. Choco marble dry cake

Choco Marble Dry Cake

Choco Marble Dry Cake

This is one of the reasons we love Christmas so much, the Choco Marble Dry Cake make it so memorable. Equipped with a psychedelic finish, or with just vanilla and chocolate this signifies a visual and delicious treat. This cake is eggless and dry is round in shape and can serve up to 6 people making it perfect for Christmas gift or for a celebration. This Choco Marble cake can be made with the help of this recipe or bought directly from here.

5. Mixed fruit dry cake

Mixed Fruit Dry Cake

Mixed Fruit Dry Cake

This one is perfect for both adults as well as children as it has an attractive taste. This fruitcake, which is technically far from a fruitcake as it uses dried fruits. Ingredients include strawberries, cranberries, cherries, blueberries guaranteed to give you delightful flavor in every bite. This cake can serve at least 6 people and give you an amazing alternative to traditional fruit cakes. Prepare this special with the exclusive recipe and purchase it at amazing discounts from here.

6. Dark chocolate cake

Dark Chocolate cake

Dark Chocolate cake

This cake is the favorite of all chocolate-loving fans. This infuses dark rich chocolate combined with the softness of the cake to bring you an unmatched experience. Layered with cream and dark chocolate this would become a life-defining experience for anybody who tries it. The cake surprises us with its uniqueness and strength. You can try a hand at creating this piece of food art with the recipe here or you can get it ordered directly to your home by clicking here.

7. Plum cake with cashews

Plum cake with cashews is one cake you should not miss. At Christmas, it makes all the more sense to celebrate with this cake. This unique cake combines the goodness and the taste of plum cake with cashews to give you that knockout combination. You can serve up to 6 people with this cake. This eggless and dry cake is meant to be stored at room temperature. Order this wonder of a cake directly from here and get it delivered to your home.

8. Healthy gluten-free walnut dry cake

Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake

Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake

Gluten-free is one of the major reasons we are in love with this cake. With accurate taste, amazing consistency and flavor in every bite, we highly recommend this cake. Being gluten-free and eggless it is able to be served up to 6 people. The walnuts present in the cake bring out a unique flavor that is both fresh and rich. You can buy this cake directly from ferns and petals and avail amazing discounts here.

9. New York cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

The New York cheesecake is made from the finest ingredients that are available. Deliciously rich, creamy and made from cheese this cake is the true meaning of culinary perfection. Every bite will give you that divine experience that you had been searching for. Serving 6, you can order this delicious cake by clicking here. For the brave chefs who want to try this at home, follow this recipe.

10. Tiramisu cake

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

This cream cake is not technically a cake but a dessert. Made entirely of cream it can serve around 4 to 6 people. This is an Italian dessert which is a combination of espresso and cream. You can purchase this online and get it to send it to your home by clicking here.


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Top 10 grooming products for men 2019

grooming products for men 2019

Top 10 grooming products for men in 2019


Trending products for men in India to look impeccably groomed

We live in a culture where your first impression is the best. As we meet and connect with various people in many walks of life keeping yourself well maintained is very essential. The topic of Men’s grooming is a recent one with many new products created solely for Men. As the billion-dollar personal grooming industry is ever-expanding, men have more choices to attain the look that they are after. Being sharp and leaving an impression is much easier with our preferred products that all men must have in their arsenal. Some of these items include cleansers, razors, deodorants, creams and more. Here is the exclusive countdown of the best grooming products an Indian man should have:

1. Old Spice aftershave lotion

OldSpice aftershave lotion

Image Source: Amazon

When it comes to aftershave lotion no brand rings a bell-like Old Spice. Blended with a strong musk pungent smell that is instantly recognizable and very popular. The market for aftershave lotion is very crowded but Old Spice carves a big pie. It signifies a powerful and sophisticated man with an eye towards the finer things in life. It also protects against minor cuts, itchiness, and dryness of the skin which is very crucial after a shave. Switch to Old Spice and feel the difference. Purchase Old Spice from Amazon with discounted price

2. Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant

Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant

Image source: Flipkart

There are few brands out there that are of the same worldwide repute as Nivea. It gives you the guarantee that all of their products come with quality. The Nivea fresh active deodorant is primarily for the active man who wants to insulate himself from sweat and its aftereffects. The deodorant does an excellent job of keeping you fresh all day while giving you a tangy and sporty aroma. It also guarantees long-lasting effects such as 48-hours protection which means it will last long all through your stint. The product is dermatologically tested and proven to apply to any skin type. Be the man who makes tense situations look easy with the Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant. Click here to get the best deal

3. Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax (Matte)

Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax

Image source: Ustraa

There is nothing like a good hair day. Our hair and it’s up keeping represents a major part of hair care and personal grooming. But many men struggle to keep an identity with their hair and some of them even neglect it. The Ustraa hair wax will be a revelation for people struggling to keep their hair in check. The wax provides a matte look and feels while additionally providing nourishment and hold. It is easier to rinse off as it is a water-based formula. And finally, it does not leave your hair for dead as it protects against dryness and breakage. Grab the no.1 hair wax from Ustraa at an amazing price.

4. Charcoal shampoo by The Man Company

Charcoal shampoo by the Man Company

Image source: The Man Company

The charcoal shampoo by the Man Company is a must-have essential for every man. It is not a regular shampoo as it gives numerous benefits along with the cleansing of your hair. Some of the benefits are eliminating dandruff, helping calm down and treating frizzy and rough hair, helping hair growth, Improving better hair texture and offering relaxation and relief from anxiety. Grab your charcoal shampoo at the best price here.

5. Nivea men dark spot reduction cream

Nivea men dark spot reduction cream

Image source: Amazon

Let’s face it! Men do not take care of their skin as well as women. But now Nivea is out to change that with the introduction of Nivea men dark spot reduction cream. The cream essentially helps to reduce and erase any imperfection and spots that have been on your skin. This is perfect for men who are not used to taking care of their skin and also for people suffering from scars and marks left over from the past. It also has a UV filter that shields and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It is suggested for men with skin types ranging from dry to normal. Get it from Amazon with discount price here

6. LetsShave men’s grooming kit

LetsShave men’s grooming kit

Image source: LetsShave

Men need to have a personal grooming kit that they can use on the go. The LetsShave Men grooming kit is one of the most popular and widely used grooming packages in the world. Packed with a high-quality razor, lotion, face wash, scrubs, shave foam and it is the perfect kit to have on the go. LetsShave has been very popular with sales in almost 130 countries and has millions of customers worldwide. Get your exclusive LetsShave blades and LetsShave razors and avail amazing discounts by applying coupons. Switch to the one-stop solution for all your grooming needs with LetsShave grooming kits.

7. BEARDO ultraglow face lotion for men

BEARDO ultra glow face lotion for men

Image source: Beardo

When it comes to glow and vibrancy of the face, no other product comes close to Beardo Ultraglow face lotion for Men. This is because it is formulated from some of the best elements such as sunflower oil, glycerine, aloe vera, mulberry extract, and licorice extracts. Additionally, it blocks against oily skin and other greasy appearance of the face. It is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for anyone who desires a glow that radiates their presence and aura to the entire room. Get amazing discounts on your purchase of Beardo ultraglow face lotion.

8. Beardo lite beard and mustache oil

Beardo lite beard and moustache oil

Image source: Beardo

Facial hair is something that is a prominent feature of all men. Grooming and maintaining a beard is not an easy task as they need proper care for the best results. The Beardo Lite beard and mustache oil helps in giving you soft and moisturized beards every time. Formulated from castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, aloe vera extract and menthol, it protects the beard from its roots. Escape from unruly and malnourished beards with the Beardo lite beard and mustache oil. Click here to get discounts for the best beard oil for men with Beardo lite beard and mustache oil.

9. Gillette mach3 new blade razor

Gillette mach3 new blade razor

Image source: Flipkart

There is nothing like a clean shave, but men are always worried about cuts and bruises some razors may give you. Gillette is known around the world for its best in class technology for its razors and advancing that is Gillette mach3. With this latest iteration, the blade lasts longer and it promises a smooth comfortable shave. With diamond-like coated edges you can get a close shave at the comfort of your home. Get the Gillette mach3 at the lowest prices here.

10. Philips beard trimmer cordless and corded for men

Philips beard trimmer cordless and corded for men

Image source: Nykaa

Not men’s products have made such an impact as Phillips beard trimmers. They have defined the way in which Indian men take up grooming and beard maintenance. The lasting performance comes from Durapower technology that is implemented and 90 minutes of use coming from an hour of charge. The trimmer uses titanium blades and is known for its precision. It is the perfect product to keep your facial hair and grooming in check. Shop online today with best deal


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The Art of Shopping During Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019

amazon great indian festival sale

Image Source: Amazon India

Master the Art of Shopping with Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019

Shopping is an art, and like all art forms, it can be mastered. We give you the best way to go round your shopping so that you can make the best out of them with Amazon Great Indian Festival sale 2019.

It is that time of the year when Amazon is hosting its much-awaited Amazon Great Indian Festival sale 2019 with many offers, amazing discounts and a great variety of products to choose from. Through the years, Amazon has become the most visited shopping site in India as they understand the Indian customers well. India is a vibrant country, filled with colors, palettes, and designs that are intertwined with culture and tradition. The other face of India is the high growth country with much frenzy for all things electronics and has a lot of early adopters to technology.

The Amazon Great Indian Festival is held from 29th September to 4th October 2019. This year, Amazon has realized the demand and is well equipped with all the products such as electronics, Smartphones, Laptops, Cameras, Large Appliances, TV’s, home and kitchen products, fashion and more. Get the top products from every category at jaw-dropping discounts of anywhere from 40 % to 90% for selected products. Since Dussehra and Diwali are a few days away, save on your traveling expenses with flight bookings at an amazing cashback of Rs 2500.

With power comes responsibility, so we will enhance your responsibility and power to have the best of this shopping experience and save money doing it. Continue...

Time to cross off your bucket list for shopping

We all have our lists, the shopping bucket lists where we keep our most desired products for shopping and cross off the ones we have bought or acquired. Well, fret not, as Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale is the right time to purchase all the things that you had kept in mind for a later time, maybe you waited for the price to lower down. In this sale, you will get the best and amazing products at the lowest prices with the help of discounts, offers, cashback, and exchanges. Now, as no product is out of your reach, buy and cross them off your shopping bucket list for 2019 with great fun and save money while doing it.

With some of the best brands taking part in the sale such as Samsung, OnePlus, Lenovo, Maggi, Max, Infinity, Fossil and many more, you are sure to find the right product at the right price this year's sale. Furthermore, with many of the top banks participating in the sale, using your credit and debit cards will only benefit you getting you more exclusive deals and discounts for specific products.

No budget will hold you back this festive season

Anybody who has ever purchased anything online will be sensitive to pricing. Unlike physical stores, the prices fluctuate online in a blink of an eye and there are so many retailers online that you end up in decision paralysis. We compare all the sites for a marginal change in price and succumb to the fact that it is probably the best deal you can get.

This year the Amazon Great Indian Festival is all set to delight you with products that will perfectly fit your budget. Amazon also gives you various offers such as no-cost EMI’s, exchange offers, free installation and delivery, 30-day return and a whole lot of cashback to bring you the ideal purchase.

Some of the best banks such as SBI cards offer as much as a 10% instant discount and also give you additional bonus offers. So every time you hesitate to make a purchase, you can rest assured that you won't break your bank as all the products are listed at discounted prices and give you additional benefits such as cashback and exchanges.

Priceless offers for Amazon Prime members

amazon big billion day for prime members

Creative Inspiration and Source: Amazon India


Amazon Prime is one of the most fantastic deals on the internet today. The Amazon Prime subscription is so popular that people have taken for granted some of their unique facilities and are used to the pampering.

Some of the best advantages of being an Amazon prime member on the Amazon Great Indian Festival are:

  • Start the sale Early

Amazon Prime members have the option to start the sale as early as 28th September, giving them the advantage of early access to the deals before the stocks run out.

  • Same Day and One Day Delivery

Amazon Prime members have the option of delivery of their orders on the same day or in one day of the purchase. This is done without the addition of any cost to the Amazon Prime member.

  • Ad-free Video Streaming

The Amazon Prime members will benefit from unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video. They can indulge in the latest shows, movies, and a lot of Amazon originals all at your fingertips.

  • Ad-free Music Streaming

Amazon prime music acts as your all in one destination for music. The Amazon Prime music gives you unlimited access to over 1 million songs and albums and includes no ads and a whole lot of customizable playlists and stations.

  • Amazon Prime Days

Prime members are also offered the benefit of amazing lightning deals on Amazon Prime days where you can select highly discounted products within a certain time frame exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Save more, buy more and win more with Amazon cashback

amazon great indian festival offers on mobiles

Creative Inspiration and Source: Amazon India


The Amazon Cashback is easy to use and you can apply it to every purchase done from the website. All you have to do is:

1. Collect offers now

You need to collect the offers while they last and grab those deals that you have always wanted.

2. Place the order on great Indian festival

Once you have decided on your prospective products, purchase them during the days of the Great India Festival and get unlock the cashback.

3. Get the Cashback

Once the Cashback is unlocked, you will receive it in the next 72 hours from the time of your purchase.

Some of the great cashback offers are on Electronics where you can get a guaranteed Rs 100 cashback on all your purchases.

Multiple payment options and Amazon coupons

Amazon has made sure to tackle all the customer concerns and have streamlined the Great India Festival in such a way that everyone visiting the website will be having an amazing experience exploring and purchasing. And, to make the payment process faster and easier they have tied up with the best in the business. With almost all banks participating and easy payment options such as E-Wallets and cash on delivery options, you can have more than one option to make your payments.

Amazon Pay is an alternative that you can use where you can use it as an online wallet and also make transactions, purchase online, make payments, make mobile recharges and a whole lot more. Another highlight of the Amazon Great Indian Festival is the Coupons section.

The coupon section offers you amazing value for money deals on a variety of categories such as daily essentials, Amazon Fashion coupons, Electronics and accessories coupons, Home, kitchen and outdoor coupons and more. All you have to do is to collect your preferred items and click on collect coupons to get the best deals. Getting products at a discounted rate is never this easy when you have so many options to save money like the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale 2019.

Set Sale for an ocean of exciting offers from Amazon

This year the best deals on the internet are on Amazon Great Indian Festival. As a customer looking for value purchases you will not be disappointed with the offers and coupons on display as Amazon has curate it to perfection. With an ever-increasing product lineup, amazing offers and discounts and easy payment options all that is left to do is to get the best out of your purchase.

The art of shopping is a learned one and with the Amazon Great Indian Festival, you can show off all the skills and knowledge when it comes to buying at the best prices. For the added push you can get amazing exclusive coupons online along with cashback. So its time to cross out your bucket list and get shopping on Amazon.

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