Top 10 Reasons Why Online Shopping is Superior to Traditional Shopping

Online Shopping Vs Traditional Shopping Comparison

reasons online shopping better compare to traditional shopping

Top 10 reasons online shopping is better compared to traditional shopping

Inevitably, online shopping is the need of the hour. People from all across the globe are largely relying on online shopping since the entire process is considered easy, time-saving, and we just can’t limit the reasons why online shopping is superior in contrast to traditional shopping. However, there are topmost reasons that we listed below as:

  1. Shop from home
  2. Flexibility
  3. Free from long ques
  4. Send gifts without the added cost
  5. Reviews
  6. Price comparison
  7. No impulse buying behavior
  8. Easy return policy
  9. Record keeping
  10. Ample choices of products

Today’s world is very habitual of going online or Googling everything under the sun. In order to shop online, you just need to spend a few minutes to browse through a huge collection of items. Just a scroll and you get different varieties of products as well. And, the Internet is accessible on almost every phone these days as everyone carries a smartphone. Easy access to products makes it one of the most advanced technologies in e-commerce. Be it via desktop or smartphones there are umpteen numbers of websites, that offer you anything from low to high budget prices. Products ordered are door delivered to you with no hassle of traveling or wasting your time in a physical store. Films such as ‘The Intern’ story is based on online shopping.

Clothes, electronic gadgets, accessories, groceries, etc. are all available online. India is the hub of a growing market with respect to e-commerce. And, by 2020 the e-commerce market is estimated to be worth the US $120 billion. The growing demand, vast employment opportunities, increased investors and FDI support are all major reasons why e-commerce grows in India so rapidly. Let us understand in detail by comparing both online and traditional style of shopping, with those top 10 reasons why online shopping is superior to traditional things.

1. Shop from home

With a few clicks and scrolls on your smartphone, you can get whatever you want without any hassle of traveling. There is no need to drive or catch a cab to buy cost-effective stuff because any ranged products are available online. Online shopping saves enough time and allows you the freedom to choose with your available time itself. In traditional shopping, if a couple has trouble with one of them waiting when the other one is trying out clothes or accessories and this gets the waiting person into boredom. You can avoid this while shopping online. No travel expenses incurred, no carriage or luggage. Products ordered will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

2. Flexibility

Online stores are open always at any time of the day. Whereas, traditional stores might be open only during working hours. Some traditional stores might be distant from you, while you might have a plan to go to traditional store. But, you have the flexibility to shop at your convenience online. So you get the flexibility of scrolling from your desktop, laptop or smartphones.

3. No queues

For people with slight social anxieties, people who hate waiting in a queue, people who have limited patience and wait in line looking at people will surely find online shopping better choice. You can take your time to buy all your items, add them to the cart and in another 2 minutes pay and get it delivered at your doorstep. We call this a technological marvel.

4. You can send gifts with no extra charges

You don’t have to go to a traditional store to buy the items and send them via courier or go to someone’s house and gift them. Instead, search your items online and put their address and send it to them. It’s a one-time delivery charge and no travel expenses or time spent in the store searching for them. You do not have to worry to be spotted by the very same person you wanted to gift also.

5. Reviews and ratings

You can check reviews on each product before you buy it. Online websites consist of a section for customer reviews, where some of the shoppers even attach pictures of the items. You will get to see the real color of the product, understand the make and see what people think of this product. This is easier to avoid any kind of distraction.

6. Comparative pricing

In traditional stores, the shopkeeper might not keep enough discounts on products. Most of them are fixed pricing. But, e-commerce platforms always offer products with the best price, which is a few rupees lesser compared to traditional stores. Make sure the website authenticity is checked. To compare the prices there are websites to validate a particular product and check which website is offering the best price. Online retailers make it huge on offering discounts. You can also have loyalty customer cards which help you attain more discounts than expected. No carry bag costs, parking ticket costs, petrol expenses, etc. which means no indirect or hidden costs. Hence comparative pricing becomes one of the major advantages of online shopping.

7. No impulse buying behavior

When you are at a supermarket or grocery store you’re bound to take things you see at the billing counter, which often are gone in regret also. Online shopping impulsive behavior cannot be regretted much because you know you can return based on the return policy. Ever-growing demands at the house by children or neighbors might make you get that chocolate box from the counter while you shop groceries online might not put you in that situation.

8. Return or replacement policy

Almost every website online has a return policy of a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 30 days. You just have to return the product with the tag and cover the product came in. It should not be used. Websites like Myntra have to try and replace option also. Replacement can be done in 30 days also. You can try the outfit for 30 days and if you do not like it you can either replace or return the item. This level of flexibility isn’t available in traditional stores.

9. Record keeping

Traditional stores give you a receipt which you may or may not save. You might need to call up the store or visit the store in case of any discrepancies. In the case of online shopping, everything is recorded. There is very little error or mismanagement in calculations. Your bills are online or on the cloud. You get to earn loyalty coins or cashback with different payment apps like Payzapp, Paytm. Mobikwik, PhonePe, etc. While traditional stores might only have these online payment modes, not any cashback or marginalized profits for customers.

10. Variety of choices

Online choices are brilliant! They have every kind of variety. Have a look at websites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. You can get the latest trends in both Indian to make and international brands. You do not have to pay the airfare to get these brands in case not available in Indian stores. There is no geographical barrier here and brands from all over the globe are available on websites. Stock is always there unless the special cases like flash sales which open their window only for a specific time of the day and on special occasions. The time span is less to avoid website traffic.

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