Top 10 grooming products for men 2019

grooming products for men 2019

Top 10 grooming products for men in 2019


Trending products for men in India to look impeccably groomed

We live in a culture where your first impression is the best. As we meet and connect with various people in many walks of life keeping yourself well maintained is very essential. The topic of Men’s grooming is a recent one with many new products created solely for Men. As the billion-dollar personal grooming industry is ever-expanding, men have more choices to attain the look that they are after. Being sharp and leaving an impression is much easier with our preferred products that all men must have in their arsenal. Some of these items include cleansers, razors, deodorants, creams and more. Here is the exclusive countdown of the best grooming products an Indian man should have:

1. Old Spice aftershave lotion

OldSpice aftershave lotion

Image Source: Amazon

When it comes to aftershave lotion no brand rings a bell-like Old Spice. Blended with a strong musk pungent smell that is instantly recognizable and very popular. The market for aftershave lotion is very crowded but Old Spice carves a big pie. It signifies a powerful and sophisticated man with an eye towards the finer things in life. It also protects against minor cuts, itchiness, and dryness of the skin which is very crucial after a shave. Switch to Old Spice and feel the difference. Purchase Old Spice from Amazon with discounted price

2. Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant

Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant

Image source: Flipkart

There are few brands out there that are of the same worldwide repute as Nivea. It gives you the guarantee that all of their products come with quality. The Nivea fresh active deodorant is primarily for the active man who wants to insulate himself from sweat and its aftereffects. The deodorant does an excellent job of keeping you fresh all day while giving you a tangy and sporty aroma. It also guarantees long-lasting effects such as 48-hours protection which means it will last long all through your stint. The product is dermatologically tested and proven to apply to any skin type. Be the man who makes tense situations look easy with the Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant. Click here to get the best deal

3. Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax (Matte)

Ustraa by happily unmarried hair wax

Image source: Ustraa

There is nothing like a good hair day. Our hair and it’s up keeping represents a major part of hair care and personal grooming. But many men struggle to keep an identity with their hair and some of them even neglect it. The Ustraa hair wax will be a revelation for people struggling to keep their hair in check. The wax provides a matte look and feels while additionally providing nourishment and hold. It is easier to rinse off as it is a water-based formula. And finally, it does not leave your hair for dead as it protects against dryness and breakage. Grab the no.1 hair wax from Ustraa at an amazing price.

4. Charcoal shampoo by The Man Company

Charcoal shampoo by the Man Company

Image source: The Man Company

The charcoal shampoo by the Man Company is a must-have essential for every man. It is not a regular shampoo as it gives numerous benefits along with the cleansing of your hair. Some of the benefits are eliminating dandruff, helping calm down and treating frizzy and rough hair, helping hair growth, Improving better hair texture and offering relaxation and relief from anxiety. Grab your charcoal shampoo at the best price here.

5. Nivea men dark spot reduction cream

Nivea men dark spot reduction cream

Image source: Amazon

Let’s face it! Men do not take care of their skin as well as women. But now Nivea is out to change that with the introduction of Nivea men dark spot reduction cream. The cream essentially helps to reduce and erase any imperfection and spots that have been on your skin. This is perfect for men who are not used to taking care of their skin and also for people suffering from scars and marks left over from the past. It also has a UV filter that shields and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It is suggested for men with skin types ranging from dry to normal. Get it from Amazon with discount price here

6. LetsShave men’s grooming kit

LetsShave men’s grooming kit

Image source: LetsShave

Men need to have a personal grooming kit that they can use on the go. The LetsShave Men grooming kit is one of the most popular and widely used grooming packages in the world. Packed with a high-quality razor, lotion, face wash, scrubs, shave foam and it is the perfect kit to have on the go. LetsShave has been very popular with sales in almost 130 countries and has millions of customers worldwide. Get your exclusive LetsShave blades and LetsShave razors and avail amazing discounts by applying coupons. Switch to the one-stop solution for all your grooming needs with LetsShave grooming kits.

7. BEARDO ultraglow face lotion for men

BEARDO ultra glow face lotion for men

Image source: Beardo

When it comes to glow and vibrancy of the face, no other product comes close to Beardo Ultraglow face lotion for Men. This is because it is formulated from some of the best elements such as sunflower oil, glycerine, aloe vera, mulberry extract, and licorice extracts. Additionally, it blocks against oily skin and other greasy appearance of the face. It is suitable for all skin types and is recommended for anyone who desires a glow that radiates their presence and aura to the entire room. Get amazing discounts on your purchase of Beardo ultraglow face lotion.

8. Beardo lite beard and mustache oil

Beardo lite beard and moustache oil

Image source: Beardo

Facial hair is something that is a prominent feature of all men. Grooming and maintaining a beard is not an easy task as they need proper care for the best results. The Beardo Lite beard and mustache oil helps in giving you soft and moisturized beards every time. Formulated from castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, aloe vera extract and menthol, it protects the beard from its roots. Escape from unruly and malnourished beards with the Beardo lite beard and mustache oil. Click here to get discounts for the best beard oil for men with Beardo lite beard and mustache oil.

9. Gillette mach3 new blade razor

Gillette mach3 new blade razor

Image source: Flipkart

There is nothing like a clean shave, but men are always worried about cuts and bruises some razors may give you. Gillette is known around the world for its best in class technology for its razors and advancing that is Gillette mach3. With this latest iteration, the blade lasts longer and it promises a smooth comfortable shave. With diamond-like coated edges you can get a close shave at the comfort of your home. Get the Gillette mach3 at the lowest prices here.

10. Philips beard trimmer cordless and corded for men

Philips beard trimmer cordless and corded for men

Image source: Nykaa

Not men’s products have made such an impact as Phillips beard trimmers. They have defined the way in which Indian men take up grooming and beard maintenance. The lasting performance comes from Durapower technology that is implemented and 90 minutes of use coming from an hour of charge. The trimmer uses titanium blades and is known for its precision. It is the perfect product to keep your facial hair and grooming in check. Shop online today with best deal


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